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Trading Chaos: Maximize Profits with Proven Technical Techniques, Second Edition
By: Gregory-williams, Justine; Williams, Bill

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Item #: 1546201
Pages: 256
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471463086
Type: Book - Hard Cover
Publish Date : 2/1/2004
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How to trade the markets by integrating Chaos Theory with market sentiment In the first edition of Trading Chaos, seasoned trader and psychologist Bill Williams detailed the potential of Chaos Theory–which seeks to make the unpredictable understandable–in trading and it revolutionized financial decision-making. The Second Edition of Trading Chaos is a cutting edge book that combines trading psychology and Chaos Theory and its particular effect on the markets. By examining both of these facets in relation to the current market, readers will have the best of all possible worlds when trading.

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Jacket Description:
Published in 1995, the bestselling first edition of Trading Chaos provided readers with the most practical and comprehensive guide for applying chaos theory to the real world of trading and investing. But today, the markets are different than they were even a few years ago. So with fresh research in hand, coauthors Bill Williams and Justine Gregory-Williams have updated their profitable methods and provide new techniques to help you take profits from the markets.
Trading Chaos, Second Edition will not only show you how to anticipate, recognize, and react to impending bull and bear market conditions, it will also introduce you to the latest findings in physics and psychology as applied to various markets--stock, bond, futures, indexes, and many others.
The first portion of this book is devoted to understanding how the rewards you’ll acquire in trading and investing are determined by what is happening inside of you. By digging through some very interesting and deep psychological principles, you can become a profitable "trade/vestor"--using technical techniques for good short-term entries and exits, but also holding on to long-term investments when the opportunity presents itself. Trading Chaos, Second Edition will help you build a solid psychological foundation before you enter the markets.
After you’ve learned how to gain an inner analytic edge, the authors will show you how the application of self-knowledge will improve your bottom line. Through numerous charts, checklists, and examples, you’ll be introduced to proven techniques that can make the unpredictable understandable and make your journey into the markets more profitable. You’ll learn how to:
Sharpen entries and exits, and reduce whiplashes with the powerful "Alligator" indicator
Get into a new trend very early with proper use of the "First Wise Man"
Add on aggressively after your first entry using the "Second Wise Man" with the help of the Awesome Oscillator (AO)
Make fractal breakout trades with the "Third Wise Man"--these almost guarantee profitable follow-through on a trade
In this early part of the twenty-first century, you have a choice to either be a part of the last generation of traders and investors using linear (ineffective) techniques or the first generation using effective nonlinear (chaotic) techniques. By reading the Second Edition of Trading Chaos, you’ll learn how you can take your trading skills to the next level and make steady profits in any market.

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Table of Contents:



CHAPTER 1: The Market Is What You Think It Is.

CHAPTER 2: Chaos Theory.

CHAPTER 3: Defining Your Underlying Structure—and How That Affects Winning and Losing.

CHAPTER 4: Gearing Up for Trading.

CHAPTER 5: What Type of Trader Are You?

CHAPTER 6: Super-Natural Trade/Vesting.

CHAPTER 7: Navigating the Markets.

CHAPTER 8: The Mighty Alligator.

CHAPTER 9: The First Wise Man.

CHAPTER 10: The Second Wise Man.

CHAPTER 11: The Third Wise Man.

CHAPTER 12: What Happens When the Wise Men Get Together?

CHAPTER 13: How to Get Out of a Hole Once You Are In.


APPENDIX 1: Checklists for Trade/Vesting in the Markets.

APPENDIX 2: Frequently Asked Questions.

APPENDIX 3: How to Control Your Mind While Trading.

APPENDIX 4: Setting Up Investor’s Dream for Profitunity Signals.

APPENDIX 5: Setting Up CQG.

APPENDIX 6: Setting Up MetaStock Professional 8.0.

APPENDIX 7: Setting Up TradeStation 2000i.



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The new second edition of the classic trading book, Trading Chaos: Maximize Profits with Proven Technical Techiniques, by the popular trading coaches Bill and Justine Williams, shows not only how to anticipate, recognize and react to impending market conditions -- but the latest ways to combine cutting edge new technical approaches with trading discipline and psychology, to profit in even the most erratic markets. They walk you through a host of powerful, proven methods for everything from sharpening entries and exits, to reducing whiplashes with their potent "Alligator" indicator.

Moreover, their knack for making the unpredictable understandable is unmatched in the industry. They make their own "3 Wise Men" approach to the market completely comprehensible. You'll lean how to:
* Get you into a trend early by taking a "countertrend trade"
* Aggressively add on to your positions after your first entry, by applying the "Awesome Oscillator."
* Pinpoint breakout trades that frequently guarantee a profitable follow-through on trades.

Ordinary trading advice generally gets you only ordinary trading results. But these two new titles offer fresh, new content - page after page. And, if you turn to Williams and Jardine for expert guidance as so many industry pros do, you toocan achieve significant -- even startling trading profits -- on a consistent basis.

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