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Precision Trading Techniques: Strategies for Combining Price, Volume, Time, and Velocity with David S. Nassar (DVD)
By: Nassar, David S.

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Item #: 1678069
Minutes: 90
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 1592800866
Type: Video - DVD
Publish Date : 8/1/2003
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Discover a concept so powerful and reliable, it will provide precision to your trading techniques. Join David S. Nassar as he takes you beyond the basic chart patterns, and illustrates the power of “Foundational Analysis”. This insightful new workshop gives you the tools to master the methods needed to spot trends and seize opportunities - all in easy-to-follow detail! Discover why viewers are raving, “some of the best usable ideas presented - far exceeded my expectations!”

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Jacket Description:
Go beyond the basic chart patterns technical traders use to precisely time entry and exit moves. Discover the power of "Foundational Analysis" with trading coach and author, David S. Nassar. His four-step approach takes you past price-oriented technical analysis - and introduces a new way to look at the dynamics of price movement by collectively analyzing the "Four Foundations." This concept is so powerful, and so reliable; David frequently demonstrates it live in front of audiences - trading his very OWN account with it.

Now, Nassar's new video workshop outlines his "Foundational" approach to the markets in easy-to-follow detail. He takes the 4 key elements driving market movement - price, time, volume and velocity - and lays out a program showing why each is important and why, when combined together, they provide powerful signals that allow you to time your market moves with increased precision. There is a structure and a form to trading patterns, Nassar contends, and this new presentation helps you master the methods needed to spot the trends and seize the opportunities.

You'll discover...
- How the "4 Foundations" can be used with one another to improve trading outcomes - over and over again
- How to apply the principles of "Foundational Analysis" objectively
- How to key in on price/volume relationships
- How to use relative strength of price as a measure of elasticity - and many more advanced technical techniques, explained in "put-to-work" simplicity.

Even the most skilled technical traders will find a refreshing new twist to their use of indicators and market signals, by incorporating the methods David does when he put his own money on the line, trade after winning trade. With Online support materials available at - see why viewers call this video workshop "one of the most practical, useful sessions I've come across in a long time."

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