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Astro Economics: Combining Fundamental, Technical, and Planetary Cycle Analysis for Superior Trade Selection
By: Morris, Grace

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How would you like to have had a heads-up on the 2010 U.S. Gulf oil spill or the 2008 real-estate collapse, and how it would affect your trading? Wouldn’t it be helpful to know which industry sectors are going to catapult and make money this year?

For centuries, the methods presented in this DVD have been used to plan and forecast and now, coupled with modern methods, you can produce tangible, actionable and potentially profitable results.

In this new 90-minute DVD course, Grace Morris reveals her Astro Economics Method, which combines fundamental, technical, and planetary analysis to view the market as a cycle. Morris explores the relationship between astrology and the market, and how the two mix to create powerful moves. You will discover how to buy and sell using planetary movement, Zodiac, and element signs to set yourself up for the biggest payout. By knowing the cycles that affect the world— including the financial markets— you will be ahead of the pack.

Using the Astro Economics Method, you will be able to:

• Identify the best and worst sectors and industries early for the best trades,
• Trade the leading stocks in each of those sectors for maximum profit,
• Time your buys for the optimal moment during the astrological cycle,
• Adapt your buying and selling strategies as the market shifts,
• Protect your profits and reduce losses,
• And much more.

It is the combination of these different elements and concepts that will enable you to increase your profits in extraordinary situations! Don’t miss out on profiting from the planets!

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