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Boosting Returns: New Twists to Time-tested Trading Techniques with Tom Gentile (DVD)
By: Gentile, Tom

Our Price: $64.95

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Item #: 982376
Minutes: 72
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 1592800238
Type: Video - DVD
Publish Date : 1/31/2003
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Discover powerful twists to proven trading techniques that will help boost trading profits - in good or bearish markets. Tom Gentile's comprehensive workshop, with online support manual, features an array of time-tested trading concepts and shows how adding his own, proprietary options strategies to these methods lets you boost returns, limit risk and profit from the directional moves. From his fresh new twist to the classic "Dogs of the Dow" theory - to powerful methods for stock selection and system trading, Gentile's new approach to proven concepts can increase returns and protect your portfolio in market downturns, time and again.

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Jacket Description:
Finding new twists to proven trading techniques can boost trading profits - in bull or bearish markets. Tom Gentile's comprehensive workshop, with online support manual, presents powerful new methods for increasing returns and protecting your portfolio by simply modifying some of the most common and respected trading concepts.

Gentile highlights the benefits of using a systematic approach to stock selection over discretionary methods used by the "average" trader - whose choices are influenced by news and emotions, rather than sound strategy. He clearly outlines several proven methods for picking stocks - then shows how adding options to these methods lets you boost returns, limit risk, and profit from the directional move.
Gentile provides plenty more twists to time-tested techniques - and reveals:

- The steps he personally takes to analyze individual stocks
- Which to trade - stocks or indexes?
- How to determine the market direction
- How to pick the right time frame
- How to use the VIX volatility index to spot the next big move
- How to use spread trades to trim the cost of a trade

Don't be one of those "average" traders who rarely see consistent profits because emotions get in the way. Learn to match Tom's bold new moves to time-tested portfolio protection techniques - and be poised to prosper in every market climate. Online material available at:

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