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Top-Ten Rules for Successful Trading: A Pro's Private Collection with George Kleinman (DVD)
By: Kleinman, George

Our Price: $64.95

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Item #: 982361
Minutes: 84
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 1592800262
Type: Video - DVD
Publish Date : 1/31/2003
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Access the powerful and proven Golden Rules for trading commodities and options of a 25-year veteran. Trends in Futures editor George Kleinman has been trading for decades. Now, he shares his private collection of winning strategies in a thorough 90-minute workshop. Kleinman's methods are easily adaptable to a variety scenarios and market conditions. Offering his own perspective on time-tested concepts such as trading off of the news, using the seasonal "Voice from the Tomb" technique or his favorite "Head & Shoulders" chart pattern, he also covers: 5 guidelines for trading gaps, Gann's 4 essentials for trading success, 6 rules for trading breakouts - and much more. Don't go it alone. Get Kleinman's comprehensive workshop, with online support manual ( ) - and benefit directly from his reserve of proven, consistently reliable trading "rules."

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Jacket Description:
After decades of trading commodities and options, traders often develop a master list of "Golden Rules" they strictly follow to maintain sustained trading success. Now, Trends in Futures newsletter editor George Kleinman provides access to his private collection of most treasured, most powerful trading precepts. Applicable to a variety of trading scenarios and market conditions, Kleinman shares his weapons for winning which include...
- 6 rules to trade breakouts of consolidation patterns
- 5 guidelines for trading gaps
- Methods for trading off of Moving Averages
- 10 steps for applying the "Head & Shoulders" pattern
- Keys for using the seasonal "Voice from the Tomb" strategy
- Half-a-dozen rules for using open interest to determine the trend

Plus, Kleinman also outlines...
Gann's 4 essential qualities for trading success
Why overtrading is a trader's greatest enemy
How to "trade the news" for maximum gain
And how to profit from a limited move in the commodity markets

With detailed online support manual, Kleinman concentrates on proven concepts and, after 25 years of trading and advising others, he's honed his stash of reliable strategies to perfection. Now, this thorough workshop lets you benefit directly from his pool of proven "trading rules."

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