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More Profit, Less Stress : Simple Ways to Master Trading Discipline
By: Hallett, Norman

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Item #: 9681498
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 1592804217
Type: Video - DVD
Publish Date : 7/20/2010
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What Will Make You a Profitable Trader?

Most traders know that discipline is as much as 90 percent of the game, yet most traders spend 90 percent of their effort on the process, ignoring the area that can provide the biggest opportunity for growth. With a simple approach, Norman Hallett shows how he has helped all types of traders gain the strength to pull the trigger without ever second guessing. This new guide makes it possible for every trader to conquer the costly demons they face, and shows you how to:

-Tap into your subconscious mind to unwire mental obstacles and hardwire winning habits,

- Reduce stress and reduce the time you spend trading to accomplish your main goal—to enjoy life,

- Create realistic rules that ensure success and optimize returns,

- Utilize a trading plan that ensures your trading is run like a successful business.

In an energetic session, Hallett takes tactics every trader knows and makes them something you always do. Most importantly, you get clear guidance that allows you to adapt and sustain your discipline to guarantee your continued trading success.

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