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Guerrilla Trading Tactics with Oliver Velez: Tools for Today's Active & Short-Term Investors (audio)
By: Velez, Oliver

This item is currently unavailable from the publisher.
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Reap large market gains - consistently - when you master the unique market style of Oliver Velez, called “Guerrilla Trading”. Practiced by the world's most successful short-term traders, this “hit and run” market move gets you in and out of trades quickly - at the right times - with profits in tow. Even veteran market professionals admit that today's investment arena is more confusing than ever before. Market trends, if they develop at all, tend to be short-lived, and fundamental valuations are frequently invalid. So what can you do to succeed in such a chaotic financial environment? Adopt a “guerrilla” style of trading. Forget long-term thinking. Abandon buy-and-hold strategies. Instead, hit the market with quick, profit-grabbing attacks. Relying on time-tested technical trading patterns for entry and exit cues, Oliver Velez shows how to raid the markets for consistent short-term profits using “guerilla” tactics that boast historic success rates of 80% or more - and now he shares these winning market moves with you.

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Jacket Description:
Don't keep making the same old mistakes with the same old techniques. Join Oliver Velez today and learn ...
o How to handle a market without a recognizable trend.
o 13 best tactics in the guerrilla trader's arsenal.
o 2 key strategy approaches: trading to build wealth or trading for income.
o Special tactics for playing excess volatility - and for stable markets.
o Micro trading, the elements of swing trading, candlestick charts, bullish and bearish chart patterns - and more!

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