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Trading Systems and Methods 3rd Edition
By: Kaufman, Perry J.

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This book the most current, cutting-edge material and a hands-on look at the features of most trading techniques and systems. From successful indicators, programs, algorithms and systems to new developments in equipment and methods for trading, Kaufman’s work remains the single best source for creating or choosing a successful trading system.

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Table of Contents:
Basic Concepts.

Regression Analysis.

Trend Calculations.

Trend Systems.

Momentum and Oscillators.


Cycle Analysis.


Volume, Open Interest, and Breadth.

Point-and-Figure Charting.

Charting Systems.

Spreads and Arbitrage.

Behavioral Techniques.

Pattern Recognition.

Day Trading.

Adaptive Techniques.

Price Distribution Systems.

Multiple Time Frames.

Advanced Techniques.


Practical Considerations.

Risk Control.




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Book Review, by Jaye Abbate
Traders' Library

Trading Systems & Methods, 3rd edition
By Perry J. Kaufman

"Perry Kaufman has no peer in the field of trading system design."
- Nelson Freeburg, editor, Formula Research

Every trading topic has a few experts who tower above the rest - and whose work form the foundation of any solid investment library. What John Murphy and Martin Pring are to technical analysis, or Jack Schwager is to the futures market, Perry Kaufman is to trading system design and development.

For decades, Futures traders have turned to Kaufman's classic Trading Systems and Methods for the most in-depth, instructional source on trading systems, methods, indicators, programs, algorithms - anything necessary to choose a system that complements their own trading styles and techniques.

But tremendous changes have taken place in the marketplace over the last ten years - primarily due to the immense impact technology has had on the financial markets. These staggering changes prompted the need for a revised and updated new edition, featuring new chapters, the expansion of many subjects and a thorough updating of every section. And, the concepts presented in the expanded new version are no longer limited to the futures markets - but are now equally applicable to equities, index markets, interest rates, and foreign exchange.

So, exactly what's new in this thorough, 700+ page edition? Sections on trading systems and techniques have been significantly expanded - with new computer programs and spreadsheet code included. In addition, new chapters cover:

- adaptive techniques
- Volume
- Seasonal methods and cycles
- Multiple time frames
- And much more on advanced techniques, testing and behavior

And every chapter - whether on day trading, risk control, pattern recognition or even basic concepts - has been completely rewritten to accommodate all the new technology and terms. Plus, system studies have all been retested using current data, and the computer programs used for testing are included so readers can continue easily on their own.

Kaufman also retains many references to older technical works - since many successful techniques have strong roots in the past and continue to be valuable as we move into the next trading century.

Whether you're an old pro or a beginner, this book is an outstanding source for analyzing, evaluating and forecasting price movements. And, one of the leading authorities on market behavior - 'Market Wizard' Jack Schwager, calls Kaufman's new book:
"Probably the most comprehensive guide to trading systems ever written from one of the foremost experts in the field. This is an invaluable reference work for anyone with an interest in trading systems."

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