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The Stock Market Barometer
By: Peter, Hamilton, William; Marketplace Books (cor), Marketplace Books (cor); Hamilton, William P.; Hamilton, William Peter

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Item #: 8443
Pages: 368
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471247642
Type: Book - Soft Cover
Publish Date : 3/3/1998
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The Dow Theory method - often known as a stock market barometer consistently remains one of the most predictable strategies for forecasting the market. Now, this 1922 investment classic by a former Wall Street Journal editor and contemporary of Charles H. Dow, has been reissued with a fascinating new foreward by Charles Carlson, the distinguished editor of Dow Theory Forecast newsletter. See how applicable - vital - this theory is to predicting and profiting from today's volatile markets. A pioneering classic in dow theory. The Dow Theory is consistently on eof the best strategies for understanding and predicting the stock market, and when it is applied as a method of predictable forecast, it is known as the barometer. This finance classic offers tips and trends that William Hamilton observed over the years in the market, offering a view of market behavior that remains perpetually current. Provides an analysis of the stock market and its history since 1897.

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Table of Contents:
Cycles and Stock Market Records.

Wall Street of the Movies.

Charles H. Dow, and His Theory.

Dow's Theory, Applied to Speculation.

Major Market Swings.

A Unique Quality of Forecast.

Manipulation and Professional Trading.

Mechanics of the Market.

"Water" in the Barometer.

"A Little Cloud Out of the Sea, Like a Man's Hand"--1906 The Unpunctured Cycle.

Forecasting a Bull Market--1908-1909.

Nature and Uses of Secondary Swings.

1909, and Some Defects of History.

A "Line" and an Example--1914.

An Exception to Prove the Rule.

Its Greatest Vindication--1917.

What Regulation Did to Our Railroads.

A Study in Manipulation--1900-1.

Some Conclusions--1910-14.

Running True to Form--1922-1925.

Some Thoughts for Speculators.



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