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Trading Full Circle
By: Yu, Jea

This item is currently unavailable from the publisher.
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Jacket Description:
Have you ever felt that could make more in the markets? Has the success you know you are capable of been just within your grasp, only to slip away before you can lock in the profit? Profitable trading is a combination of strategy, analysis, psychology, and determination and until now, it took years to find the perfect balance of each. Never before has a master outlined how to put the pieces together in a guide that is so easy to understand and interesting to read. The key to gaining control of your trading and collecting the payouts you know the market holds is finally available.

In this rare, revealing insight into the mind of a top trader, Jea Yu, founder of, brings his own trading journey Full Circle and hands you his first-hand knowledge of the markets, revealed from thousands of hours of market participation. With his trademark charisma, Jea Yu gives you the key to gaining control of your trading and collecting the profit you deserve.

In Trading Full Circle, Yu gives you complete explanations of the tools he uses to trade, along with his personal playbook of powerful techniques using these tools to trade nearly any situation the market presents you.

This book is a comprehensive guide that brings together all aspects of trading, from the psychological to the physical, to the specific technical concepts necessary for success. It will give traders the mindset and skills to:

· Identify fertile trading environments—and profit big from them,
· Target big plays within each trading period throughout the day to find the best trades,
· Identify vital time and price points for the best returns,
· Incorporate fundamental analysis into a technical trading system,
· Avoid the traps with specific techniques to prevent blowout.

With detailed charts and real-life examples, Yu illustrates how to combine the best chart patterns with candlesticks, Bollinger bands, stochastics, and other proven techniques for the most effective outcome on every trade. There is even a step-by-step training system for beginning traders, or those who need to re-charge their profitability. Plus—Yu gives you access to his highly effective, never-seen-before Rifle Charts.

As if the detailed explanation of the concepts wasn't enough, each play Yu describes has every piece of information to make it work, generating winning trades for you. The time of day the play is best used, the specific trend the play is designed for, which charts to find the play on, and crystal clear stop and exit instructions.

Literally packed from cover to cover with actionable trading tips, the appendices alone give you more than most entire books. From Harmonic Trading Methods to Triggers and Filters for Profitable E-mini Trading, the bonus material you will get will push your trading to new levels. Flatten the trading learning curve, tap the battle-earned wisdom of a veteran trader and maximize your market potential inside this groundbreaking handbook.

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