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Trade Like an O'Neil Disciple : How We Made Over 18,000% in the Stock Market
By: Morales, Gil; Kacher, Chris

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Item #: 7721700
Pages: 384
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc
ISBN: 0470616539
Type: Book - Hard Cover
Publish Date : 8/23/2010
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How two former traders of William J. O'Neil + Company made mad money using O'Neil's trading strategies, and how you can, too

From the successes and failures of two William O'Neil insiders, Trade Like an O'Neil Disciple: How We Made Over 18,000% in the Stock Market in 7 Years is a detailed look at how to trade using William O'Neil's proven strategies and what it was like working side-by-side with Bill O'Neil. Under various market conditions, the authors document their trades, including the set ups, buy, add, and sell points for their winners. Then, they turn the magnifying glass on themselves to analyze their mistakes, including how much they cost them, how they reacted, and what they learned.

Presents sub-strategies for buying pocket pivots and gap-ups

Includes a market direction timing model, as well as updated tools for selling stocks short

Provides an "inside view" of the authors' experiences as proprietary, internal portfolio managers at William O'Neil + Company, Inc. from 1997-2005

Detailing technical information and the trading psychology that has worked so well for them, Trade Like an O'Neil Disciple breaks down what every savvy money manager, trader and investor needs to know to profit enormously in today’s stock market.

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Jacket Description:

GIL MORALES is the author and publisher of; coauthor and publisher of; a former senior proprietary internal Portfolio Manager and Chief Market Strategist for William O'Neil + Company; and is currently a Managing Director of MoKa Investors, LLC. He also co-authored, with William J. O'Neil, the Wiley title, How to Make Money Selling Stocks Short. Mr. Morales received his BA in economics from Stanford University.

CHRIS KACHER is a frequent contributor to; coauthor and publisher of; a former research analyst and senior proprietary internal Portfolio Manager for William O'Neil + Company; and a Managing Director of MoKa Investors, LLC. He received his BS in chemistry and PhD in nuclear physics from the University of California at Berkeley.

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