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The New Arms Index Course
By: Arms, Richard

This item is currently unavailable from the publisher.
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From one of the greatest technicians in the industry, comes detailed explanations of the trading tools he developed himself! Traders' Hall of Fame Award winner Richard Arms takes technical analysis to a new level in this brand-new course.

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Jacket Description:
The Arms Index, also known as the Short-Term Trading Index or TRIN, is one of the most important technical tools on Wall Street; it is listed daily in the Wall Street Journal and is flashed once a minute on CNBC. In this course, you have the opportunity to learn how it was developed from Arms himself. Youíll also gain exclusive insight into the Equivolume charting system, part of most popular stock and futures software, also developed by Arms.

In addition to detailed analysis of the Arms Index and Equivolume, youíll also learn about:

-Fibonacci analysis and specifically how it is used by an expert like Arms

-Absolute percent change

-The historical impact of major market events

-Todayís current markets, seen through Armsí expert viewpoint

Richard Armsí revolutionary theories have changed the way investors perceive the market. Donít miss out on the chance to learn these techniques first-hand from the master himself!

About the Author:

Richard W. Arms, Jr. is a financial consultant to institutional investors and a private portfolio manager based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is a noted expert in the field of technical and market analysis, the 1995 winner of the prestigious Market Technicians Outstanding Contribution Award, the author of several best-selling books and articles on his ground breaking theories in volume analysis and market forecasting, and a Traderís Hall of Fame Award Winner.

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