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Harnessing Explosive Market Turns: Finding Profitable Set-ups with Fibonacci, Lucas, Elliott Wave, and Candlesticks
By: Greenblatt, Jeff

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In front of a standing-room only crowd, Jeff Greenblatt showed that the Dow had hit a key time window and was positioned for a powerful move. The next trading day resulted in one of the biggest rallies ever.

Wish you could have been there to learn how it was done? With this DVD course, you'll have the same access to Jeff's trading system, yet in the comfort of your own home. Jeff's system uses a blend of indicators including Fibonacci, Lucas, candlesticks, and others to offset the inefficiencies of any one indicator. This has allowed him—and now you—to dial into the optimal winning percentage no matter what you trade or how volatile the market is.


• Patterns that will help you maximize potential profit in trades,
• Crystal clear rules for finding the most powerful pivots,
• How to increase your trading profits by staying in the winning trades and getting out with the least risk,
• How to use polarity to confirm the trend and best exploit each pivot for huge gains.

The beauty of this approach is that his system identifies turning points in any market—stocks, futures, forex, options. Jeff's systematic approach will ensure that you won't miss any future opportunities in your trading.

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Jacket Description:
This presentation takes Jeff's techniques to a completely new level. In addition to giving you the details of using polarity lines to confirm new support and resistance Jeff unmasks elements of his system never before taught. YOU'LL SEE JEFF REVEAL:

• How to use the patterns found with these indicators, like the first leg down, to avoid limiting your potential profit in trades,
• Fully functioning access to Jeff's custom software that allows you to find and see the setups with the click of your mouse,
• In-depth historical analysis of the indicators and how they have worked--and could have made money--in virtually every bull and bear market.

Now add in the value of Jeff's Time Zone Software that counts the bars for you instantly and I can assure it won't take long to see BIG results. After years of the tedious process counting bars by hand, Jeff dedicated himself to building software that reduces this process to a few seconds. It would literally take half a day or more to scan for and create the charts that produced these set ups. Until now. By making this software available to the public, Jeff's personal charting program can now scan through full lists of stocks and other markets instantly to find these amazing patterns.


Jeff's approach has been producing ideal setup after ideal setup, even in today's wild market.
You see, Jeff's system uses a perfect blend of indicators including Fibonacci, Lucas, candlesticks and others to offset the inefficiencies of any one indicator.

This has allowed him--and now you--to dial in the optimal winning percentage no matter what you trade or how volatile the market.

The beauty of this approach is that this collection of indicators identifies turning points in ANY market--stocks, futures, forex, options--that could unleash your trading upside.


With today's wild swings, one of the most important parts of the presentation is the information about how to stay in the rally and how to get out with the most profit.

"The problem with a lot of traders is they don't know when to be quick and when to be greedy. Many who take these trades off the top expect them to go a lot further than they do. But they give it back on the retest. Then they get frustrated and when they should be convicted for the big move, they are not. I think this is the most important thing people should get out of this seminar," Jeff told me after his session. His clear instruction on how to let the charts tell you how to hold on to your profit and when to protect your capital were written down by even the other presenters who sat in his session.


The actionable setups offered by precise counting of bars to reveal turning points are staggering. Jeff is convinced that any trader can benefit big-time from these techniques. But, he didn't stop there. He set about developing software that automatically shows the results of his amazing system. Now, after almost a year of development in conjunction with industry leader Genesis Navigator, his software is ready for you. WHAT TOOK HALF A DAY NOW HAPPENS IN SECONDS. And if that wasn't enough, Jeff designed a scanner that evaluates hundreds of charts to find his most promising setups, instantly.


Jeff Greenblatt, Director of Lucas Wave International, has been a private trader for the past nine years. He is the author of the new best-selling book, Breakthrough Strategies for Predicting Any Market: Charting Elliott Wave, Lucas, Fibonacci and Time for Profit (Marketplace Books). Jeff is also the editor of The Fibonacci Forecaster, a market timing letter with a circulation of traders and money managers in 17 countries that covers stocks, bonds, precious metals, currencies, and the crude oil market.

Jeff's technical expertise covers Elliott Wave theory, Fibonacci studies, and candlesticks. He has enhanced these methodologies to include the Lucas Series, which is closely related to the Fibonacci sequence. Jeff has developed and tested a timing methodology that can be adapted to many disciplines of technical analysis, which will allow traders and money managers much greater precision with their trading and investment decisions.

Jeff has a Bachelors degree in business from Cal State Northridge and an MBA with a specialization in finance and total quality for service industries from the University of Phoenix. He spent many years in small business, and after completing his graduate studies, he moved on to his true passion-financial markets.

Jeff is a regular contributor to and Futures magazine. He has also published articles in Your Trading Edge magazine from Australia and The Trader's Journal from Singapore. He speaks at various trading events like the Traders' Expo and Traders' Forum and has appeared on KFNN 1510 Financial News Radio in Phoenix, Arizona, where he lives with his wife Jeannie and son Josh.

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