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The Original Turtle Trading Rules
By: Sands, Russell

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No doubt you've heard of the huge profits made by the Turtle Trading System. Created by Richard Dennis, after he cashed in for millions, the system is a collection of simple tactics and rules that, when combined, create magic.

Dennis believed that anyone could trade this system for huge profits, even if they had never before traded. To prove his point, he recruited 24 traders, the original Turtle Traders, and taught them his secrets. The result: these two dozen traders have generated over one billion in profits.

Now, Russell Sands, an original Turtle, hands you one of the most profitable mechanical systems of all time.


• Step-by-step instructions to apply these tactics to your trading immediately,
• How small traders can apply the techniques at least as well as big money managers—possibly even more profitably,
• Exactly what position size you need to minimize risk and maximize reward,
• Precise entry points to target optimal profit zones,
• Killer exits that prevent you from leaving money behind.

The Turtle System has been proven for years—and has made mega-fortunes for its traders. Now you too can have the rules that generated that huge level of success. Russell hands you the secrets, and explains them in the most easy-to-understand terms so you can get this legendary system working for you.

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Jacket Description:
For years this trading "Pygmalion" story was the buzz of the markets. There were even iron-clad non-disclosures that each student had to sign to make sure they didn't reveal the secrets. But, in the last few years, the term of the confidentiality agreement lifted. Many Turtles revealed what they claimed where the trading rules. In fact, most had tweaked the guidelines and ultimately destroyed the effectiveness.

During their original training, the Turtles would set up their trades and then play ping-pong until their trades kicked in. I don't know about you, but that is how I want to make money.

When Richard Dennis decided to train the Turtles it was to prove his success turning $400 into $200,000,000 was not luck. No one has denied that he accomplished that goal. The Wall Street Journal wrote about it, Jack Schwager documented it in his Market Wizards books. Russell and the other original Turtles, along with their instructors, have amassed over a BILLION DOLLARS using the Turtle system.


1. Everyone is trying to guess the bottom. STOP. This system shows you how to stop guessing and simply be best positioned for gains when the trend changes. The confirmations are clear and concrete and allow you to avoid fighting this wild market and harness the huge potential it provides.

2. When this system was first created it was applied to commodities and still is wildly successful in these markets. Now, with the advent of ETFs, it is easier than ever to push the button on the Turtle system.

3. Since this approach is based on the trend, it works perfectly in today's markets because it allows you to diversify and reduce your risk while increasing your profit potential.

Forget about the myths that larger traders have the upper hand over independent traders like you. With big lots, institutional traders can't touch some of the smaller, more profitable markets. Now, with these rules, you can get in and grab profits from these unique opportunities.


Russell Sands has been trading commodities, stocks, futures, financial indices and currencies since 1983. He trades with his own account for a living, and has run hedge funds and advised clients.

Sands is also a Registered Commodity Trading Adviser (CTA) and an approved National Futures Association (NFA) associate member with students in thirteen countries around the world. He has been featured in various media such as Stocks & Commodities and The Wall Street Journal.

Sands’ background in the lucrative trading world is not what you would call conventional. Until 1983, Sands was a professional card player. It wasn’t until he responded to an ad in the New York Times that read “Traders Wanted,” that Sands’ life was changed forever.

By responding to this ad, Sands became part of an elite group known as the Turtle Traders—14 ordinary people who were taught a remarkable and easy trading system face-to-face by Richard Dennis and Bill Eckhardt - two of the world's finest traders. As a group, The Turtles earned over $175 million in just 5 years, making them legends in the trading community.

Because of an obscure clause in his original agreement, Russell Sands is the only original Turtle now free to teach the legendary Turtle Trading System to any serious person looking for a legitimate, profitable trading system, and he has been doing so since 1992. Many of his students have gone on to become highly successful professional traders, CTAs, money managers and teachers.
Join the world's most experienced teacher of the Turtle Trading Method, trader & author Russell Sands, at our 2008 Trading Forum.

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