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Protective Options Strategies: Married Puts and Collar Spreads
By: Zerenner, Ernie; Chupka, Michael

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Item #: 5840849
Pages: 256
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 1592803423
Type: Book - Soft Cover
Publish Date : 11/10/2008
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“How many stock positions have you entered after meticulous analysis, only to have the stock move in the opposite direction that you anticipated?”

It has happened to every trader -- "the stock that got away." Now you can prevent it from happening again. The secret to minimizing your risk and meeting your goals is the use of the protective strategies you will find in this easy-to-use guide.

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Jacket Description:
Using married puts and collar spreads, you will learn how to profit from growth stocks in an expanding market, while at the same time limit the potential loss of capital from an unforeseen drop in the price of the stock. Both strategies allow investors to protect their investments and preserve hard-earned capital using simple options trades.

This practical guidebook, rich with illustrations and clear, real world examples, helps you:
• Increase your collection of tactics to insure your portfolio against loss.
• Precisely control the downside risk on your trades.
• Pick the best investments that will generate the most profit.
• Gain management techniques to increase returns and reduce risk.
• Find and use the best tools to identify, compare, and analyze
your investments.

If you are looking for a way to increase gains by reducing risk in your stock portfolio, this book is a must read. Start reading now to unlock the power of these strategies—to protect your investments and generate income.

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Table of Contents:
Table of Contents
Introduction v
Chapter 1: Strategy Introduction and Comparison 1
Chapter 2: Theory Behind the Protective Strategies 31
Chapter 3: Strategies Within the Strategies 61
Chapter 4: Selecting the Right Stocks 97
Chapter 5: Selecting the Proper Protective Combination 119
Chapter 6: Tips on Entering the Protective Strategies 147
Chapter 7: Management Techniques and Monitoring the Trade 161
Chapter 8: Some Advanced Concepts 185
Chapter 9: Strategy Review and a Married Put Trade in Action 199
Glossary 211
Ernie Zerenner 233
Michael Chupka 235
Trading Resource Guide 237

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