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Seasonal Stock Market Trends : The Definitive Guide to Calendar-Based Stock Market Trading
By: Kaeppel, Jay

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Item #: 5322671
Pages: 352
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc
ISBN: 0470270438
Type: Book - Hard Cover
Publish Date : 1/14/2009
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There is a seasonal bias to the stock market, and by paying attention to the seasonal market tendencies you can gain an edge in the stock market over the long haul.  Seasonality offers a practical approach to investing and trading.  What better way to learn how to employ seasonal systems than learning from Jay Kaeppel, a master in the analysis of seasonal trends?  Kaeppel walks you through this phenomenon that continues to work consistently, providing you with his ultimate seasonal index to make the calendar work for you. Stock Market Seasonals provides a never-before-seen definitive guide that illustrates how to utilize a combination of four basic seasonal tendencies in order to maximize returns. 

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