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Intra-Day Trading Tactics Course Book
By: Capra, Greg

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Item #: 5288548
Pages: 168
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 1592803148
Type: Book - Soft Cover
Publish Date : 8/30/2007
   It's a Setup!, 5/1/2008
Posted by: ShopperX ()
"This DVD Course (about 90 minutes long) provides the developemental tools a trader needs to day-trade. I placed successful day-trades the day after completing this course using the rules and techniques the author covers. The Pristine Setups are clear and sure ways to make profitable trades and put the odds in your favor. As Mr. Capra says during the seminar, 'The only thing these setups and techniques can't do for you is exercise the patience and discipline to enter and exit the trades as they happen' through the course of the trading session. I am now thoroughly convinced that trading is a skill that I can be develop and that trading is something that I can profit from consistently. This seminar DVD and companion Work Book are a must for the person thinking about day trading. "
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