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Swing Trading
By: Velez, Oliver

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Item #: 5278311
Pages: 144
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 1592803156
Type: Book - Soft Cover
Publish Date : 8/23/2007
   This is the one!, 12/22/2009
Posted by: Socket120 ()
"I am a 30-year engineering veteran and trading is fast becoming my next profession. When it comes to problem solving or subject understanding I tend to instinctively look for the cause and affect; the reasons why and why not; the answers to and causes of failure. When I study a topic I want to learn the raw data and information apart from the fluff and wasted information. Oliver explains the rules, laws, and the nature of trading. He elaborates on why events occur and do not and the actions to respond with. When I screen the market or examine my selected stocks, each stock must satisfy a litmus test to get on my short list. This book has fine tune my style to such a degree that I am overwhelmed with excitement. Oliver does not give you wasted words on a page but rather every word or point he makes really has value. He is concise and to the point yet his teaching style is relaxing, non-intimidating, and non-condescending. Every point that he makes in this book is usable and is vital to your success. The bonus is that he throws in a little comedy every now and then in his examples to keep you motivated. If you truly want to understand how swing trading works and become a consistent winner then this book is a must have for your library and study. "
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