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Technical Analysis for Short-Term Traders, 2nd Ed.
By: Pring, Martin

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Item #: 5197587
Minutes: 90
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 1592803040
Type: Video - DVD
Publish Date : 6/1/2007
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One of the greatest technicians in the industry has taken one of his best courses and made it even better with new tactics, new examples and his sharp and straight-forward insights. Traders' Hall of Fame Award Winner, Martin Pring, walks you through how to identify the trend, confirm the trends and then apply short term tactics to exploit the trend.
Inevitably, technicals don't always follow the rules— the key is to be able to recognize this and be positioned to react. With his years of expertise, he offers a unique and valuable guidelines for combining market psychology with technical analysis to protect your gains and see the explosive trades that others often miss.

This high powered course shows you:

-The three rules for determining the significance of a trendline -- how strong it is and how long will it continue,
-How to put the trend in context using multiple timeframes to even further increase your accuracy,
-Ways to use technicals to place optimal stops,
-Tactics for using these techniques in various markets --including currency, stocks, and commodities,
-What a retracement can tell you and why you shouldn't trade until you know what it can do for your account,
-How to recognize exactly when support and resistance have been established and how to use it to make better trades.

Pring opens his play book and gives you the knowledge you need to find trades, see the entry and exit points, and create the stops to make sure you get out with more money. This DVD course and online manual will easily be a go-to resource in your trading arsenal that will provide valuable insight every time you watch it.

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