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Breakthrough Strategies for Predicting Any Market
By: Greenblatt, Jeffrey

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Item #: 5150460
Pages: 344
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 1592802680
Type: Book - Hard Cover
Publish Date : 6/28/2007
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Breakthrough Strategies for Predicting Any Market is sure to be considered one of the great trading books of the 21st century. In this landmark work, Jeff Greenblatt will teach you how to understand the time dimension of the market and take your technical analysis to the next level.

With extensive case studies and charts, Jeff will reveal his high-probability pattern recognition system; one that will give you a deeper understanding of how the markets really work and will make whatever methodology you use ten times better. Following in the footsteps of the great W.D. Gann, Jeff will help you gain greater precision in any instrument you trade, on any time frame.

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Jacket Description:

Book Review by Martin McHale, Individual Investor

Breakthrough Strategies for Predicting any Market
Author: Jeff Greenblatt

"The only constant is change" Heraclitus 500 BC

Markets are constantly changing but it is not clear that our understanding of those markets is keeping up.

Today's investor trading platforms, a 2GHz dual core CPU with a GB of RAM, 250 GB of storage and a broadband interconnect combined with a choice of technical analysis packages, with real time data down to the tick are a dramatic change from the tools of choice 30 years ago.

In the late 70's the premier technical analysis platform was Dow Jones Market Analyzer running on a 1 MHz Apple II+, with 48K RAM and a couple of floppy disks. The technical analysis "reference book" at the time was a 5th edition Edwards & Magee.

Today, we are swamped with the promises of new analysis tools. A Google search on "technical analysis" yields 322 million hits, "technical analysis financial markets" - 48 million hits and "financial market strategies" - 1.6 million hits. Each month hundreds technical analysis articles are printed in the numerous financial publications.

Breakthrough Strategies for Predicting any Market is one of those few books written in the last 30 years that adds a new dimension to help confirm investment decisions.

The author has developed and tested a timing methodology that can be adapted to many disciplines of technical analysis. Readers will learn ways to enhance their favorite price studies, momentum indicators and high probability setups with a confirming time element when making their investment decisions.

With actual market examples, the author uses 120 charts of stocks, bonds, commodities in multiple time frames from minutes to 10 years starting with varied combination of price, volume and momentum studies. The studies progress with the identification of potential support and resistance levels including envelope and channel analysis and Fibonacci ratios. The author shows that most reversals and breakouts occur on an important time bar. The book includes multiple examples where corrective patterns end or confirm on key time bars.

The author's style makes the potentially complex subject matter, an easy read and simple to understand. As an added bonus, the author has included a delightful mixture of personal anecdotes of his personal journey and his thoughts on some determinants of mental toughness in the investment decision process-"clicking the buy or sell button."

The book is a "must have" reference for every active do-it yourself investor's desk.
Breakthrough Strategies for Predicting any Market will change the analytical process of the reader. The author is to be congratulated for sharing this important contribution and addition to the technical analysis literature with us.

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