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The Ultimate Safe Money Guide: How Everyone 50 and Over Can Protect, Save, and Grow Their Money
By: Weiss, Martin D.

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Choosing profitable investments Getting unbiased professional advice Avoiding Insurance, Brokerage, and other scams Protect Your Wealth and Well-Being Now and for Years to Come In light of the new risks our country and our economy are facing, entering your fifties with an effective financial and personal plan for your future is now more crucial than ever–to make sure you can truly enjoy your golden years. The Ultimate Safe Money Guide was especially designed to help you map out your plan in this new environment, so that you can stop worrying about your money and just enjoy life.

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Jacket Description:
In today’s new era of uncertainty, millions of mature Americans over fifty face a number of urgent financial questions: Where can I find truly safe investments? How can I protect myself against investment losses? How can I prevent or offset a decline in income? Which annuities and insurance policies are rip-offs and which ones are good deals? What should I do to plan for my long-term health care? If you are over fifty, and your answers to these vital questions are off course, you may not have enough time to recoup. When you’re planning for your future and your retirement, it’s essential to have all the facts and the best possible guidance right here and now.

The Ultimate Safe Money Guide fills this urgent need in a way that is especially comforting in a time of new risks and dangers in the wake of the World Trade Center tragedy. As the nation’s only provider of independent financial safety ratings, Martin Weiss has helped millions of Americans find safety in an often unsafe world; and, in this book, he sets forth the rules and guides you, step-by-step, on the path to safety, yield, and profits.

This comprehensive guide begins by helping you to avoid stock market scams, recognize the pitfalls of "free investment advice," and recover money lost by careless, unethical, or dishonest brokers. You’ll also learn how to arm yourself with powerful, independent information that is not biased by any conflicts of interest–so you can make your own investment decisions based entirely upon your needs. With the special Risk Self-Test devised by the author, you can rest assured that your investments will match your personal risk level.

The Ultimate Safe Money Guide offers a proven and effective plan for preserving your nest egg, building your wealth, and securing your retirement. It gives you a sound step-by-step plan for maximum safety and yield, while laying out a very straightforward strategy for maximizing profits even in uncertain times. This unique guide gives you some of the soundest investment tools you’ve ever seen or are ever likely to see, but it doesn’t stop there. You’ll also learn how to: *Offset the financial burden of medical and health care costs *Research and locate the right life insurance *Evaluate, on your own, the pros and cons of almost every kind of annuity *Choose the only health insurance solution that makes sense for seniors *Navigate the maze of long-term care insurance

The Ultimate Safe Money Guide also provides a special chapter for widows, widowers, divorcées, or anyone who is making financial decisions for the first time. Like every other chapter in this book, it couldn’t be easier to read or simpler to follow–a great source of guidance and comfort for the most critical juncture in your life. The valuable insights and expert advice on health care, insurance, investments and retirement savings, housing decisions, and long-term care will help you make choices during a time when you should stop worrying about money and enjoy your life.

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Table of Contents:

1. The Great Stock Market Scam: How an Elaborate System of Lies and Deceptions Destroyed the Life Savings of Millions of Americans.

2. Five Great Lessons From the Stock Market Scam.

3. Broken by Your Broker? Here's How to Get Money Back.

4. Safety and Yield are Your Best Escape.

5. Profits Are Your Best Revenge.

6. Investing in Individual Stocks?

7. Protect Your Wealth!

8. The Great Insurance Cover-Up.

9. What You Need to Know About Life Insurance.

10. Annuities--the Pros and Cons.

11. The Case Against Tax-Exempt Bonds.

12. Health Insurance Decision for Seniors: HMO or Medigap?

13. What About Your Long-Term Care? Do You Need Insurance? What Kind? When? How Much?

14. "Help! This is the First Time I've had to Make My Own Investment Decisions! What Do I Do?"


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