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Stop and Make Money : How to Profit in the Stock Market Using Volume and Stop Orders
By: Arms, Richard W.

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Item #: 4955831
Pages: 224
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc
ISBN: 0470129964
Type: Book - Hard Cover
Publish Date : 12/30/2007
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Acclaimed stock market analyst Richard Arms presents a practical, hands-on explanation of how he trades stocks.   Using the methods that he has pioneered, along with other technical tools, Arms will show how to identify stocks that are beginning to gather momentum; establish precise entry and exit points; and manage the trade to maximize profits.   Geared for active stock traders, the method generally calls for holding stocks for a few days to two or three weeks.  But unlike similar approaches, it does not require constant monitoring of the market, special software, or extensive analysis.  The method is simple, efficient, and easy-to-learn.   A trader can put in his/her orders with a broker and simply walk away.  With the right approach, Arms emphasizes that stock trading can be fun and exciting.   And he shows how to make the less enjoyable part of trading -- money management -- simple and automatic.   Arms has successfully traded stocks for over 40 years, and this book digests his methods into a simple and practical approach that traders can expect to generate annual returns of about 30%.   

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Table of Contents:

About the Author.

Introduction. The Great Opportunity.

Chapter 1. Let's Get Started.

Chapter 2. A Pair of Shorts.

Chapter 3. Why Technical Analysis?

Chapter 4. The Market Is Always Right.

Chapter 5. Equivolume Charts.

Chapter 6. Getting Ready To Trade.

Chapter 7. Choosing Your Route.

Chapter 8. Power Boxes.

Chapter 9. OK Let's Buy.

Chapter 10. Stop Order for Getting In.

Chapter 11. Stop Orders for Getting Out.

Chapter 12. A Play, Not a Position.

Chapter 13. Minding the Gaps.

Chapter 14. Tops and Bottoms.

Chapter 15. Rectangles, Pennants and Flags.

Chapter 16. Support and Resistance.

Chapter 17. Trendlines and Channels.

Chapter 18. Targets and Cycles.

Chapter 19. Ease of Movement and Volume Adjusted Moving Averages.

Chapter 20. Is the Market Going To Go Up or Go Down?

Chapter 21. The Arms Index.

Chapter 22. Market Tops and Bottoms.

Chapter 23. In Conclusion.

About the CD-ROM.


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