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Way of the Turtle : The Secret Methods That Turned Ordinary People into Legendary Traders
By: Faith, Curtis M.; Faith, Curtis

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Item #: 4867623
Pages: 240
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 007148664X
Type: Book - Hard Cover
Publish Date : 4/1/2007
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We're going to raise traders just like they raise turtles in Singapore.

So trading guru Richard Dennis reportedly said to his long-time friend William Eckhardt nearly 25 years ago. What started as a bet about whether great traders were born or made became a legendary trading experiment that, until now, has never been told in its entirety.

Way of the Turtle reveals, for the first time, the reasons for the success of the secretive trading system used by the group known as the “Turtles.” Top-earning Turtle Curtis Faith lays bare the entire experiment, explaining how it was possible for Dennis and Eckhardt to recruit 23 ordinary people from all walks of life and train them to be extraordinary traders in just two weeks.

Only nineteen years old at the time-the youngest Turtle by far-Faith traded the largest account, making more than $30 million in just over four years. He takes you behind the scenes of the Turtle selection process and behind closed doors where the Turtles learned the lucrative trading strategies that enabled them to earn an average return of over 80 percent per year and profits of more than $100 million. You'll discover

- How the Turtles made money-the principles that guided their trading and the step-by-step methods they followed
- Why, even though they used the same approach, some Turtles were more successful than others
- How to look beyond the rules as the Turtles implemented them to find core strategies that work for any tradable market
- How to apply the Turtle Way to your own trades-and in your own life
- Ways to diversify your trading and limit your exposure to risk

Offering his unique perspective on the experience, Faith explains why the Turtle Way works in modern markets, and shares hard-earned wisdom on taking risks, choosing your own path, and learning from your mistakes.

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Jacket Description:
Back cover copy

After nearly 25 years, the turtles come out of their shells.

Way of the Turtle takes a never-before-seen look at the legendary Turtle Traders and the famous experiment that made them millions. Curtis Faith, the most successful member of this elite group, breaks the silenceto reveal the rules, timing, risks, rewards, and secrets to his biggest trades and 100 percent annual returns. Sharing behind-the-scenes insights and step-by-step techniques, Faith shows how you can use the Turtle Way to achieve enormous profits-whatever your skill level.

''The most successful turtle was apparently Curtis Faith. Trading records show that Mr. Faith, who was only 19 when he started the program, made about $31.5 million in profits for Mr. Dennis.''-Stanley W. Angrist, The Wall Street Journal

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Table of Contents:
Introduction: The Bet that Launched the Turtles
One Turtle’s Story
The Turtle Way - How the Turtles Made Money
The Basic Elements of The Turtle Way
Trading Psychology - Preparing Yourself to Do the Right Thing
Money Management - Staying Alive through Tough Times
Cutting Losses - Knowing When to Get Out of a Losing Trade
Letting Profits Run - When to Exit a Winning Trade
Catching the Wave - How to Enter a Position
Diversification - Smoothing Out Your Returns
Limiting Risk - Protecting Against Disaster 16
Systems Part I - Finding a Strategy that Fits You
Systems Part II - Avoiding the Pitfalls of Testing
Systems Part III - Going from Testing to Trading

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