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A W.D. Gann Treasure Discovered: Simple Trading Plans for Stocks & Commodities
By: Krausz, Robert

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This modern-day classic features a treasure-trove of proven, viable trading plans suitable for every type of trader. Based on the proven methods of trading legend W.D. Gann, this thorough work has been updated to be relevant for today's most active traders – and even includes powerful new swing trading techniques. Each plan featured provides well-defined entry & exit rules, risk management assessments and profit objectives. And, the charts and support materials are large and clear, so you can easily grasp the essence of each plan, and incorporate them into your own trading. A companion video workshop is also included that clarifies each concept in detail, so you can understand exactly when, and how, to implement them. Having a solid, reliable trading plan is the only sure way to achieve consistent trading success. Now, Gann master Robert Krausz reveals numerous trading plans and trading techniques that have been proven to be profitable in all different market climates, and which have endured for decades. It's the definitive guide to Gann trading methods for today's trader. COMES COMPLETE WITH VIDEO!

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Jacket Description:

I was once introduced at a seminar as having the best job in the world! The group leader exclaimed that as Editor of Technical Analysis of STOCKS & COMMODITIES magazine, I had the opportunity to see and work with all the new exciting technology, trading software and disclosed trading systems coming on the market. He surmised that I probably felt like a kid in a candy store.

There is some truth to his words. I do see a great deal of new and exciting developments in trading software, as well as working first-hand with publishing new ideas and trading concepts found in our magazine. But to me, the most interesting aspect of my job is the people I work with.

As Editor, I have worked with the famous and not-so famous, professional money managers handling billions as well as individuals who only trade their own money. Naturally, some made strong impressions upon me, for I learn, along with my readers, new things everyday. One individual, though, who made the most valuable of impressions was Robert Krausz, which is why I was happy to assist on this project.

If you've ever seen Robert Krausz speak, or ever read Jack Schwager's New Market Wizards or his articles in from STOCKS & COMMODITIES magazine you will know that Krausz has identified that the chief difference between the successful trader and the wanna-be is the lack of a thoroughly researched trading plan. But what exactly is a trading plan? Within theses pages, you have the opportunity to learn and use a real trading plan – in fact, a plan that has shown remarkable viability over history. The plans offered within these pages cover all of the important conceptual issues of having defined entry and exit rules, risk management and profit objectives. In addition, Krausz introduces some new swing trading techniques.

Of course, there is no law saying that the plans will hold up going forward, but you can certainly see how you would have done with hindsight. If nothing else happens, your own systems- and skills – will take a giant step forward.
Thom Hartle, Editor Technical Analysis of STOCKS & COMMODITIES magazine.

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Table of Contents:
The Real Story
Page 1

Gann Swing Trading
Page 9

Basic Swing Plan
Real Time
Rules, Results, Charts
Page 27

Basic Swing Plan
For Stocks & Shares
Rules, Results, Charts
Eli Lilly, IBM, Philip Morris, J. P. Morgan, Intel
1991 - 1996
Page 103

Professional Swing Plan
For U.S. T-Bonds
Rules, Results, Charts.
1991 - 1996
Page 257

Basic Swing Plan
End of Day U.S. T-Bonds
Rules, Results, Charts.
Page 331

Advanced Concepts
Multiple Time Frame
Swing Charting
Page 363

Swing Direction and Neutral Slope
Page 385

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Book Review by Jaye Abbate, Traders' Library

Generations of traders - including many of today's most successful investors - have been influenced by the groundbreaking concepts of W.D. Gann. While often considered somewhat complex, several experts have recently distilled his key theories into understandable works which show how to apply them for winning in today's markets.

First up is the modern-day classic from Gann master Robert Krausz, W.D.Gann Treasure Discovered: Simple Trading Plans for Stocks and Commodities. This is a treasure-trove of proven, viable trading plans that feature scenarios for every type of trader -- including powerful new swing trading techniques. Each plan provides well-defined entry & exit rules, risk management assessments, profit objectives and plenty of big-format charts and support material that will help you easily grasp the essence of each plan, and incorporate them into your own trading routine. And, all are based on the timeless and proven methods of W.D Gann. This comprehensive book also comes with a companion video workshop that will help illustrate each concept in more detail, so you walk away knowing exactly when, and how, to implement them. As "Market Wizard" Jack Schwager has said repeatedly, the chief difference between the consistently successful trader and the rest of the trading world - is the lack of a solid trading plan. This enduring work from Robert Krausz reveals many solid trading plans and trading techniques that have stood the test of time for decades, and make Gann's most cherished methods truly accessible to yet another new generation of traders.

Gann expert Bill McLaren's fast-paced new video/dvd workshop on “Trading the Fast Moves,” offers a comprehensive game-plan for identifying and acting on fast moving trends. By fusing Gann techniques with his own short-term trading methods, Mclaren gives you the guidance you need to recognize:
- When the markets are set up to trigger fast moves
- How to make the most money – in the shortest amount of time
- The 3 primary types of trends & “trendlines” to determine support & resistance levels
- And -- most importantly – how to analyze and apply price/volume data

He also shows how to combine Gann analysis with Elliott Wave Theory to refine trading moves. And – he instructs on when to take profits, re-enter a trade, and much more. This complete primer – which also comes with an extensive online support manual – packs more “meat” into the workshop than you typically find in a multi-tape series.

For those new to Gann techniques, or simply in need of more background to effectively use them, Gann Simplified book provides readers of all experience levels with an excellent overview of Gann's breakthrough concepts, including …

- The basic foundations of Gann Theory – including his signature “Law of Vibration”
- The type of chart Gann felt was the most important – and why'
- Gann's special swing charting approach
- Gann's 24 “Never Failing” Trading Rules
- How Gann explains support & resistance

Get to the essence of Gann's seminal theories – and discover how to apply them directly to today's markets – with these new products that provide a wonderful overview of “arguably one of the most successful traders in the annals of Wall Street History” – and a looking glass into his most powerful teachings.

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