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Stock & Commodity Market Trend Trading by Advanced Technical Analysis
By: Hill, John

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Comprehensive book on cycles and technical analysis. Includes market stages, pivot points, 3-day equilibrium's, Elliott Wave theory, reversal patterns, conventional technical analysis and more.

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Jacket Description:
This course is designed for the serious-minded student of the commodity and stock markets.

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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 - Graphs & Their Application to Speculation 7
The basic type of charts to keep and interpretations of daily action from a supply and demand standpoint.

Chapter 2 - Pivot Point Analysis & 3-Day Equilibrium 18
Intraday market action is discussed along with pivot point analysis. Trend and corrective actions are defined. A basic concept of a 3-day equilibrium for projecting trend directions is explained.

Chapter 3 - The Elliott Wave Theory 24
Unpublished works by Elliott in explaining his basic market concepts is made available for the first time ever. Practical application of these theories and how they may be used to enhance profits is then explained.

Chapter 4 - New & Unique Technical Tools 58
Swings and proportions of swings are explained in graphic form. Various cycle theories are reduced down to practical utility. Twin factors of time and space are utilized to show very clearly objective moves by conventional means. A new geometric approach which integrates these factors is presented in graphic detail.

Chapter 5 - Market Stages 66
Supply and demand factors in the movement of a stock or commodity price are discussed and explained in graphic detail. Accumulation and distribution phases are shown. A basic concept of three drives to a top or bottom is given. Will an old high stop a movement? Thrust and volume analysis is reviewed. Three times when heavy volume is expected. General comments on volume.

Chapter 6 - Conventional Technical Analysis 84
Various classical formations are reviewed and discussed from the standpoint of supply and demand. Trendlines and trend channels. Action points in utilizing these tools are shown. Use of multiple trendlines from common pivot point. Support and resistance concepts. Force lines in action. Gaps and their significance. Lines.

Chapter 7 - Open Interest in Commodities 99

Chapter 8 - Minor Reversal Patterns 106
Nine very basic chart patterns which signal a change in trend are shown. Upthrust and "spring" reversal formations which lead to bull and bear traps are also shown. How these traps can be avoided and used to your advantage.

Chapter 9 - Trading & Scalping Techniques 114
A. Parallel movement method
B. Minor trend techniques
C. Scalping the Markets
D. Technical Trend Trading Techniques

Bibliography of Technical Books on the
Market 128

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