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Winning Methods of the Market Wizards with Jack Schwager
By: Schwager, Jack

This item is currently unavailable from the publisher.
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The renowned "Market Wizards" author and Trader's Hall of Fame award winner presents a powerful workshop highlighting the most common traits and techniques of the super traders. This rare session can help investors of all skill levels become market masters.

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Jacket Description:

Whether you're an active trader, or simply want a better understanding of how to succeed in today's markets, you'll benefit from the wisdom and insight of renowned "Trader's Hall of Fame" winner, Jack Schwager. Through his best selling "Market Wizards" books, Schwager has probed the minds of the world's most respected investors, studying their personal traits and learning the secret techniques that have turned them into investment role models. Now a professional investor and successful fund manager in his own right, Schwager shares his own secrets, along with those of his prominent "interviewees," in a powerful presentation.

You'll master the fine art of trading as you discover and apply the key methods and traits shared by the world's most acclaimed traders. Find critical, yet often overlooked factors for understanding:

- How to avoid losing faith during the bad periods
- The dangers of overtrading - how to react when NO position is the right position
- The importance of "self-analysis" for finding a trading method that fits your personality and goals
- The real risk in volatility: Bailing out on the downswings
- How to develop the habit of "disloyalty:" Why you must learn to change directions - and how to do it quickly
- The power of patience: Opportunities are there, but it pays to wait for them

Plus, developing discipline, good money management skills, and avoiding the risks inherent in second-guessing your own system.

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