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Short-Term Trading In The New Stock Market
By: Turner, Toni

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In an uncertain market, can traders and investors find profits in short-term stock movements?

Bestselling author and trader Toni Turner teaches readers the techniques and strategies needed to trade in today's up-and-down stock market. In an upbeat, clear, and lively style, Short-Term Trading in the New Stock Market covers:

· The Seven Steps to Trading Success
· What the new stock market looks like
· How to lower risks and increase gains
· How to formulate your own trading business plan
· How to analyze market cycles and find profit opportunities
· Key charting fundamentals that reveal buy and sell signals using Trends and Trendlines, Candlesticks, Volume, Momentum Indicators, and other tools for success
· Active (day) trading, swing trading, position trading and selling short
· Introduction to E-mini trading and Forex markets
· “Center Points” to find balance and calm in a fast-moving market

Short-Term Trading in the New Stock Market is an essential guide for every money-minded trader.

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