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Timing Models and Proven Indicators for Today's Markets
By: Freeburg, Nelson

This item is currently unavailable from the publisher.
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Nelson Freeburg has tested, evaluated and written about the most powerful, consistently successful trading systems for years in his famed Formula Research newsletter. Now - he shares these valuable insights with you in an in-depth 2 hr video workshop. He exposes all buy/sell signals and proven price patterns, then details classic systems that work in all timeframes, like the Zweig 4% and Wilder Volatilty System. Plus, tips for testing your timing strategies before risking real money. With its comprehensive online companion manual, you'll see why trading luminaries like Linda Raschke and Paul Tudor Jones regularly follow Freeburg's guidance - and now you can, too.

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Jacket Description:
Trading luminaries like Linda Raschke and Paul Tudor Jones regularly follow the guidance of Nelson Freeburg's Formula Research newsletter, which analyzes a different trading system in each issue. Now, this acclaimed expert can guide you, too, with this thorough new video workshop.

Tap into Freeburg's expertise, attained through years of testing, evaluating and writing about the most powerful, consistently successful trading systems. Freeburg finally exposes all the buy/sell signals, proven price patterns and steps needed to implement and adapt your own reliable system. Plus, he details some of the most classic, time-tested systems including the Zweig 4% model, the Wilder Volatility System, The Pentad Stock Market Timing Model and an inter-market bond futures model. There's a system covered for every trader's temperament.

As he methodically explains the advantages of mechanical timing systems over discretionary trading strategies, you'll soon see how his insights can enhance your own trading results. And you'll discover ....
- Methods to test your timing strategies before risking real money
- Keys to identifying per contract performance vs. percentage return
- Which markets have the best historical record for trend followers
- The importance of optimization and "out-of-sample performance"
- The value of a trading system's "flat time" measurement
- A simple seasonal strategy - and so much more.
With its in-depth online companion manual - this session will help you sharpen trading skills, lower risk exposure and increase your potential for ongoing, reliable profits.

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