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Ordinary People, Extraordinary Profits : How to Make a Living as an Independent Stock, Options, and Futures Trader
By: Nassar, David S.; Nassar, David

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Item #: 3223000
Pages: 269
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471723991
Type: Book - Hard Cover
Publish Date : 11/22/2005
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David Nassar delivers a complete and proven system for aggressively and successfully trading in today's markets

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Profits explains the fundamentals of technical analysis and risk management to give readers a solid foundation to approach the market. Then the bestselling author and experienced trader and instructor, David Nassar, describes a variety of trading strategies to make consistently large profits without taking undue risk. Unlike other trading advisors who advocate a single approach to trading, Nassar gives readers a variety of strategies that they can choose from to fit their own comfort levels. In addition, Nassar explains how to use new trading instruments such as E-Mini contracts, options, and exchange-traded funds. For people looking for a complete, proven system for aggressively trading the stock market, this book is an ideal guide.

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Jacket Description:
No one cares more about your money than you do. These days, even qualified investment planners and stockbrokers don't have the time to focus on your particular account as intensely as you do. Therefore, taking complete responsibility for your financial future is one of the wisest decisions you can make.

As President and CEO of the highly acclaimed MarketWise Trading School, bestselling author David S. Nassar has helped thousands of traders achieve financial freedom and success. Now, in Ordinary People, Extraordinary Profits, Nassar shares his knowledge, as well as the expertise of his MarketWise instructors—who have prospered in nearly every conceivable stock-market environment—and reveals the ideas, methods, and techniques needed for successfully trading today's markets. So, whether you are, or want to be, a short-term stock trader, the in-depth insights and proven tools contained within this book can give you the statistical and psychological edge to beat the Street.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Profits provides you with a solid trading foundation by explaining the fundamentals of technical analysis and risk management. Unlike other trading guides that advocate a single approach to trading, Ordinary People, Extraordinary Profits offers a wide variety of trading strategies and instruments, and lets you decide which ones best suit your specific needs.

From the basics to the complex, Nassar reveals what you need to make it as an independent trader, including:

· The discipline of foundational analysis, which holds that only a few key variables—price, volume, time, and velocity—are needed to fully comprehend the essence of stock-price fluctuations
· Chart patterns that have stood the test of time—such as reversal patterns and continuation patterns
· Proven technical indicators—Stochastics, Relative Strength Index (RSI), the Fibonacci Numerical Sequence, TRIN, and Directional Index
· Profitable trading strategies and concepts—pairs trading, employing puts and calls, momentum trading, swing trading, and short selling
· Important trading vehicles other than stock—E-Mini contracts, options, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

As you progress through this book, you'll discover many pieces of information that will enhance your odds of trading profitability, but in reading Ordinary People, Extraordinary Profits you will also gain the confidence to make the right decisions at the right time—and ultimately, this is what will make you a better trader.

David S. Nassar is President and CEO of MarketWise Trading School, LLC, and a pioneer in electronic trading. He has been seen on CNBC, NBC Nightly News, and CNN, and interviewed in numerous national publications, including the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, and Forbes. Nassar is also the author of the New York Times bestseller, How to Get Started in Electronic Day Trading.

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