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Rules Of The Trade : Indispensable Insights For Online Profits
By: Lupien, William (frw); Nassar, David S.; Nassar, David

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Item #: 3155085
Pages: 256
Publisher: MCGRAW HILL T P & R
ISBN: 0071450440
Type: Book - Soft Cover
Publish Date : 2/1/2005
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Rules of the Trade distills the insights of today's most successful professional traders, generally available only in prohibitively costly seminars, into a detailed yet accessible paperback. Candid interviews outline the basic rules of trading survival, revealing how the experts enter and exit trades, select favorite trading stocks, hedge risk without biting into profits, and more. This insider's answer book will show today's 5 million-plus active traders how to preserve their trading capital, avoid operational and psychological errors, and succeed in the brutally competitive but highly lucrative trading profession.

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