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Advanced Commodity Trading Techniques
By: Hamon, J.; D., Hamon, J.

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Noted technical analyst J.D. Hamon reveals tested techniques and powerful new strategies which prove you can win big in commodities.

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Jacket Description:
Noted technical analyst J.D. Hamon reveals tested techniques and powerful new strategies which prove you can win big in commodities. You quickly become an expert on Fibonacci
Numbers...Balance Point Trading...Recurring Angle Method (RAM)...Time & Price Ratios...Equilibrium Techniques...Wall Theory Trading...the Rhythm Method. All this put at your
fingertips with crystal-clear explanations, charts and diagrams that make seemingly esoteric systems as easy as A-B-C.

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Table of Contents:
Table of Contents

Introduction 13

Chapter 1 Types of Markets or Price Patterns 15

The Runaway
The Labored Move
The Congestion

Chapter 2 Winning With Fibonacci 23

Fibonacci's Background and Theory
Ways To Use the Fibonacci Numbers
How Others Have Used Fibonacci
Where to Start
Likely Starting Places
Rules and Instructions for Fibonacci Count
Use on Congestion Areas
Swinging Market Use
The Runaway Market With Fib Numbers
Fibonacci Count in the Labored Move
HAP Odds Table Example
Natural Numbers
Make More In Trades With This Day Trading Technique!
Example of Day Trading

Chapter 3 Balance Point Trading 33

Attempts at Finding the Balance Points
How to Find Balance Points
Making Balance Point Lines
The Major Balance Point Line
Using Channels
Balance Point Reversal Rules
How To Use the Balance Point Method

Chapter 4 Recurring Angle Method (RAM) 45

How To Use
Order of Work Being Done
Summary of Recurring Angle Procedure
Value of Using the Recurring Angle

Chapter 5 Balancing Time and Price 55

Balancing With Fib Numbers
Theory Behind Time and Price Balancing
Using the Forty-five Degree Angle
Solving Problems When Using a Forty-five Degree Angle to Balance

Chapter 6 HAP Momentum Indicator 65

Theory Used
Market Time-Price Ratios
Guidelines for Index
Criteria for a Normal Market
How to Make the Indicator Index
How to Use the Index or Oscillator

Chapter 7 Is a Change Overdue? 71

Cycle Relationship or Percent of Thrust
Old Low and High
Relationship Average the Two

Chapter 8 HAP Cycles 75

What Others Have Done
Problems With Using Cycles
HAP's Technique
Using Other Time-Price Ratios to Help

Chapter 9 Equilibrium Techniques 79

Square of a Circle
Spirals Made Easy
A Balance Point Phenomenon

Chapter 10 Predicting Congestion Areas to Avoid Whipsaws 87

What Others Have Done
How to Begin
Using Channels
Other Aids
Pivot Line Technique

Chapter 11 HAP's Use of Elliott 99

Who Was Elliott?
The Wave Theory
Elliott's Main Price Patterns
Practical Elliott Wave Count
Ways to Make Elliott Count Easy
Channelling Methods for Elliott Wave Count
Solving Problems in Elliott Wave Count
The Importance of Elliott Theory
The Elliott Directional Indicator
Elliott's Best Money Maker

Chapter 12 The Triad log

Open Interest
Bubble Theory
Follow the Leader

Chapter 13 Market Markers 115

Reversal Price Patterns
Price Continuation Patterns
Kinds of Lines
Using Pivot Lines
Different Speed Lines

Chapter 14 Entry-Exit Methods 125

Wall Theory Trading
The Rhythm Method
Reverse Swing Method
Reverse Swing Examples
Using On-balance Volume
Trading with Intra-Day On-Balance Volume
Using the Leader of a Complex
Leaders From Previous Times That May Lead
Make More In Trades with This Day Trading
Example of Day Trading Technique

Chapter 15 HAP Indices 143

How To Use These Techniques
Meaning of Cybernetic Method
How to Make Check
Lists Check List of Things to Consider Before
Entering the Market
Commodity Selection Index (Buying Reaction or
Selling Rally)
Commodity Selection Index (Trading Reversals or
Picking tops and bottoms)
HAP's Pivot Finder Index
HAP's Price Reversal Index
Composite Relative Strength Index

Chapter 16 Organizing A Trading Plan 153

Guidelines for Organizing A Trading Plan
Examples of Trading Methods
How To Do A Simple Cybernetic Analysis

Appendix I Definitions 161
Appendix II Types of Pivot Lines and
Trendlines 165
Appendix III Types of Traders 167

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