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Advanced Commodity Spread Trading
By: Goldberg, Harold

This item is currently unavailable from the publisher.
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This book on profitable spread trading uses the twin line spread graph technique which is an approach author Harold Goldberg personally devised.

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Table of Contents:
Table of Contents

Introduction 13
Prologue 15

Chapter 1. The Language of Spreads 17
Chapter 2. Spread Trading Orders 23
Chapter 3. You And Your Broker 27
Chapter 4. Understanding Spread Values 33
Chapter 5. Spread Work Form Data 37
Chapter 6. Different Spread Work Forms 41
Chapter 7. How To Scale The Twin-Line
Graph 63
Chapter 8. Understanding The Twin-Line Spread
Graph 69
Chapter 9. Twin-Line Spreading Examples 75
Chapter 10. A Spread Study-May 84 Wheat vs.
May 84 Corn 105
Chapter 11. Spread Intuition 113
Chapter 12. High and Low Spread Months 121
Chapter 13. Hedging Using Twin-Line
Graphs 125
Chapter 14. Additional Topics 129

Conclusion 133

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