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Planetary Harmonics of Speculative Markets
By: Pesavento, Larry

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Thousands of hours of computer research can increase your profitability. Learn George Bayerís secrets to forecasting prices, hidden Fibonacci rations that explain Elliott Wave patterns, and more.

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Jacket Description:

This book provides absolutely phenomenal trend change dates, applies George Bayer's Secrets of Forecasting Prices to financial markets, proves the validity of planetary harmonics, and illustrates hidden Fibonacci ratios.
It was written for 5 reasons: (1) The financial community has become more receptive to the possibility of a connection between planetary events and price activity (fear and greed). (2) George Bayer was virtually unknown for more than 40 years and now is the time that this man's research into astro-harmonics should become part of the public domain. (3) To illustrate the power and accuracy of planetary harmonics and stimulate your thoughts on the subject. (4) It allows us to share some of our continuing research and build a network of very intuitive traders with some incredible approaches to the market. (5) To give you the exact dates of certain events to 1995.
To best benefit from using astro-harmonics, you must first familiarize yourself with the various approaches and how they intermingle. We feel this discipline of market cycles can be used for both short term and long term trading.
The monographs interspersed throughout the book are written by Byron Tucker. Formerly, he managed Goldman-Sachs operation at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

About the Author
Larry Pesavento
Larry is a trading mentor and a thirty year veteran of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He supervised Drexel-Burnham-Lambertís Commodity Department in Los Angeles. Larry traded on and off the floor and trained over 200 traders. He is currently a contract trader for a large hedge fund.
Larry seeks to distill and share his thirty years of market experience. His contribution is to teach others the "art and science" of trading. He is the author of six books on trading, and he periodically gives seminars on his pattern recognition style of trading.

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Table of Contents:

Our Purpose 5
About Byron Tucker 5
How It All Began 6
Astrology and Trading 8


Introduction 11
About the Author 13
The X and Y Axis 14
The Opening Price 26
Confidence 35
Success as a Total Process 36
The Gartley "222" Entry Technique 37
A Perfect Gartley "222" 39
Stock Index Futures 47
The Mental Edge 57
The Moon Void of Course 61
A Typical Trading Day 66
Anatomy of a Crash 72


Mercury Changing Speed 79
The Holy Grail 87
Mercury Speed in Geocentric Longitude of 59' 88
The Winning Attitude 97
Venus Conjunct Sun Geocentric 98
Timing 100
Venus Heliocentric Latitude at 00 101
Winning and Losing 106
More Winning and Losing 107
Mars and Venus in Perihelion 108
The Nature of the Market 112
Mars at 16* 35' of Any Sign 113
Money Management 120
Not Doing 120
Mercury-Mars Speed Differential of 59' 121
Discipline 127
Mercury--Mars 1610 Aspect 128


What is Real? 136
Planetary Harmonics Using the Astro Analyst 137
Treasury Bonds with Venus-Uranus Aspects 138
Goal Setting is Goal Getting 150
The Venus-Uranus Fibonacci Cycle 152
Microcosm and Macrocosm 158
Treasury Bonds with Moon Conjunct Mars 159
Intuition 164
Fear and Greed 165
Treasury Bonds with Mars Changing Signs (Geocentric) 166
Flexibility 175
Treasury Bonds with Mars Changing Signs (Heliocentric) Taking Time 182
Dow Jones Industrial Averages with Jupiter Declinations 183
Safety in Numbers 188
Dow Jones Industrial Averages with Mercury Retrogrades 189
Death as an Adviser 192
Dow Jones Industrial Averages with Jupiter Retrogrades 194

Bibliography 201

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