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Harmonic Vibrations: A Metamorphosis from Traditional Cycle Theory to Astro-Harmonics
By: Pesavento, Larry; Shapiro, Steven

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The latest in astro-harmonic cycles. How to use planetary aspects in day-trading, sample worksheets of how intra-day charts are used in this unique approach. from the leader in astro-trading.

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Jacket Description:
Harmonic Vibrations
A Metamorphosis from Traditional Cycle Theory to Astro-harmonics

* A real time trading program over a two week period
using the harmonic vibration technique with a net
profit of more than 10 percent in the two week

* Astro-harmonic cycles of "Combust" (Mercury 0 Venus)
through 1995. This is one of the most important cycles
in Soybeans.

* Rosh Hashanah-Yum Kippur stock market cycle. This has
a 90 percent accuracy rate and is purely astrological.

* Sample worksheets of how intraday charts are used for
day of Columbus.

* The explanation of George Bayer's "secret message" in
The Egg of Columbus.

* How to use planetary aspects for day trading.

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Table of Contents:
* Harmonic Vibrations
Larry Pesavento

Chap 1
How to make...and Lose Your First Million Dollars

Chap 2
The Second Million Dollar Move

Chap 3
Trading on the Floor at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Chap 4
Indicators of Market Acceleration

Chap 5
A Starting Point for Finding a Cycle

Chap 6
The Shapiro Iteration

Chap 7
Intraday Trading Using Planetary Events

Chap 8
Combust-Mercury Conjunct(0 degree)Venus

Chap 9
A Daily Analysis and Trading Diary

Chap 10
The Wave Trader Software Program

Chap 11
Daily Chart Preparation

Chap 12
The Mystery of George Bayer

Chap 13
The Rosh Hashanah Cycle in Stock Price

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