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Charting the Stock Market: The Wyckoff Method
By: Hutson, David H.; Schroeder, Craig F.

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Jacket Description:

The Wyckoff Method
JACK K. HUTSON Jack K. Hutson is the publisher of Technical Analysis of STOCKS & COMMODITIES (The
Trader's Magazine), the industry's source for practical trading methods based on technical trading techniques.
Hutson launched the publication in 1982 to fill the void he saw in the availability of how-to information on financial
technical analysis. Before that, he spent 11 years as a mechanical engineer at The Boeing Company and traded
stocks and commodities for his own account on the side. With his engineering/analytical background and with the
goal of becoming less dependent on brokers' advice, he began to research trading techniques that relied more on
speculation and short-term trading and less on fundamental and economic news. In his research, he found books,
including Richard Wyckoff's writings, dating back to the beginning of the century discussing concepts that still
CRAIG F. SCHROEDER Craig F. Schroeder is educational director of Stock Market Institute, Inc., Phoenix, AZ, and
has been a student of the Wyckoff method for more than 20 years. He writes daily commentary from a Wyckoff point
of view and has served as a technical advisor to several regional brokerage firms.
DAVID H. WEIS David H. Weis publishes the "Technical Forces" newsletter from Memphis, TN, focusing on market
analysis using the methods of R. N. Elliott and Richard D. Wyckoff.

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Table of Contents:

Preface ix
PART 1: Principles the Wyckoff Method
1. The Early Days 3
2. Elements of Charting13
3. Market Trends in Composite Averages25
4. Understanding Group Stock Behavior 37
5. Prelude to Individual Chart Reading45
6. Figure Charts 53
7. Effective Forecasting59
8. Trendlines: Refinements in Charting67
9. Selecting the Best Individual Stocks75
10. Refining Chart Analysis 85
11. Maximizing Profits with Stop Orders93
12. Intraday Swings with Wave Charts 99
13. Serving an Apprenticeship105
14. Developing a Personal Trading Style111
15. Market Strategy117
PART 11: The Wyckoff Method in Action
1. The Wyckoff Method and Bond Futures 131
2. Anatomy of a Market Move141

PART III: The Wyckoff Method: Five Steps to Success
1. Determining Trend 151
2. Relative Strength and Weakness159
3. Identifying Opportunities167
4. Buying and Selling Tests173
5. Timing Your Commitments 183
Glossary1 93
List of Figures 197
Index 1 99

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