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Picking the Best Stocks & Strategies for Every Option Trade
By: Bittman, James

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Item #: 2379852
Minutes: 90
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 1592801455
Type: Video - DVD
Publish Date : 4/1/2004
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Sustained option trading success is achieved by following two critical, but often overlooked steps: Finding the most attractive underlying stock - and then selecting the option strategy most appropriate to its unique characteristics. Now, learn the proven methods of Options Industry Council's top instructor James Bittman - as he outlines a clear-cut program for finding the best stocks to use as a foundation for all your options trades. You'll discover which options strategies are best-suited to increase profitability when dealing with “break-out” stocks, “range-bound” stocks, or “trending” stocks - and when to apply call or put purchases, spreads, collars, covered call writing, or wide range of other option strategies. Don't make the same mistake most option traders make by blindly using the same methods for every underlying asset. Learn to marry the right stocks with the right option strategies trade after winning trade, using techniques perfected by "Trader's Hall of Famer" James Bittman in his comprehensive new workshop.

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Jacket Description:
What's the biggest mistake most option traders make? It's sticking to just one specific option trading strategy, regardless of the underlying asset, claims CBOE instructor and "Trading Index Options" author James Bittman. By contrast, the truly successful option traders pinpoint the most attractive underlying stock -- and then select an option strategy based on its precise characteristics.

Now, an in-depth new workshop from the "Trader's Hall of Fame" winner outlines precisely how to find the best stocks to use as a foundation for successful option trades -- and how to select the right strategies to trade them. From outright call & put purchases, to naked put sales, covered call positions, spreads or collars, Bittman provides step-by-step methods for choosing the right stocks and the perfect strategies for trading them - time after time. You'll even discover when outright purchase - or short sale - of a stock is really the best option of all.

Bittman's five-star presentation highlights:
- The difference between “trading” and “investing” with options
- The psychology underlying long- and short-term stock-price moves
- An ARMS-based trading strategy – identifying overbought & oversold conditions
- The importance of determining support & resistance levels for timing
entry/ exit points.
- Charting tools that aide in selecting prime trading prospects
- Developing discipline and a definitive exit plan - the true key to trading profits

“No strategy is the best in every situation, but one strategy is the best in any one given situation,” Bittman says – and in this outstanding presentation he shows you exactly how to isolate that strategy on your next options trade.

Online support manual is available at:

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