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The 7 "Golden Rules" for Option Trading Success with Price Headley (DVD)
By: Headley, Price

Our Price: $64.95

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Item #: 2379849
Minutes: 90
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 1592800742
Type: Video - DVD
Publish Date : 4/1/2004
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Discover how to gain and sustain options trading success, by following 7 simple and essential rules. Join Price Headley, author of the bestselling Big Trends in Trading" as he reveals his powerful, personal system for pinpointing options destined to make big moves by following his 7 "golden rules." Moving from options basics to exciting new indicators, Price covers when to "pull the trigger," how to apply the concept of acceleration to obtain quick profits - and everything in between. Whether you're an experienced trader or just getting started in options, you'll discover winning new methods to take your trading new levels of success.

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Jacket Description:
Whether you're just starting out - or have been trading options for years - the seven rules outlined in this hard-hitting new workshop provide a road map for consistent, impressive success with options. Big Trends in Trading author Price Headley has condensed decades of trading experience into a powerful 7-step program for weathering every market storm - and coming out a winner time and again. With only the discipline needed to follow these seven basic rules, Headley says, Anyone can become a successful options trader.

Discover what the 7 essential rules are, how and when to use them. Plus, you'll learn tools that identify the best trading vehicles, and how to quickly recognize the optimum entry/exit points to precisely time trades.

With his calm and clear delivery, Headley highlights
Top 10 problems all option trader face
6 new charting tools for enhancing options trading profitability
How to use option charts, rather than stock charts and recognize the differences between them
Avoiding information overload learning to focus on what's really important
How to overcome your emotions and let logic rule your trades

This presentation is jammed-packed with new perspectives that will help you become more proficient and much more profitable. See why viewers say, It's another educational winner from Price. This guy really knows his stuff!

Online support manual available at:

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