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The Volatility Primer
By: Mcmillan, Larry

This item is currently unavailable from the publisher.
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Hailed by Stocks & Commodities Magazine (October 2004) as "jam-packed with useful information...a must-buy". Discover the world of volatility -- and how it dramatically affects your trading decisions in a brand new presentation from Hall of Fame options guru, Larry McMillan. In a never before presented seminar, McMillan drives home the importance of factoring volatility into every trading decision. This crash course shows you how to take advantage of low volatility as a buying opportunity, when to sell high volatility, and how to use volatility skews to your benefit. It's another "don't miss" McMillan presentation - complete with online support manual.

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Jacket Description:
When are option prices cheap? When are they expensive? What causes prices to change? The answer to each question is the same: Volatility. Understand how volatility affects the market and securities underlying specific options - and you can significantly improve your trading results. Now, Profit with Options author Larry McMillan gives you a crash course in analyzing and understanding volatility, and the critical role it plays in your overall trading success.

McMillan explains everything about volatility — from basic types to the best strategies for profiting from extreme levels of volatility. He begins by addressing “Volatility as a Predictor”, $VIX and other basic volatility measures. He then examines their use as contrary indicators before moving on to powerful techniques for trading volatility.

You'll discover how to:
• Distinguish between the 2 types of volatility
• Use the “net” to analyze volatility figures
• Compare options to determine the composite volatility for an underlying asset
• Increase profits by using “trailing stops” on your option trades
• Adjust option strategies in response to rapid changes in volatility
• And recognize when volatility signals time to sell out-of-the-money options, use trading straddles, or reflects routine seasonal factors.

It's an insider's guide to the intricacies of options pricing, with important strategic insights that will benefit novice and experienced traders alike. See why traders are raving, “an essential addition to the reference library of every options investor!”

Online manual available for download at:

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It doesn't take a special type of trader to profit in highly volatile markets like we've experienced over the past 5 years. It merely takes a trader armed with a special set of skills, a full understanding of the various types of volatility, and knowledge of the forces that drive it. Larry McMillan, one of the world's most acclaimed volatility experts, has just released his newest book on volitility - guaranteed to help any trader gain the insight needed to factor volatility into your every trading decision.

The Volatility Primer from options legend Larry McMillan is a comprehensive 2-hour dvd/video presentation providing you with a crash course in the most critical and effective volatility trading strategies. McMillan explains why low volatility can trigger buying opportunities, when to sell high volatility, and step-by-step details for using volatility skews to your benefit. He addresses everything from basic types, to best strategies for profiting from extreme levels of volatility, and even examines using volatility measures as a contrary indicator, and as a means to adjust other option and stock strategies in response to rapid changes. This new presentation, with a full online support manual, covers all fresh new material, for those familiar with McMillan's excellent workshops - and it's one of the most thorough, valuable treatments of volatility to be introduced in years.

Arming yourself with this powerful new product can enhance your trading success in every type of market, and allow you to reap consistent rewards by mastering the most effective volatility techniques from the absolute masters of the game.

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