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Gann Masters II

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Item #: 2379819
Pages: 232
ISBN: 0967238056
Type: Book - Hard Cover
Publish Date : 1/1/2000
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Gann Masters: Technical Analysis Course

This course shows you how to implement Gann's mathematical techniques to trade the markets including using angles, swings, the squares, time cycles, astrology and many other techniques illustrated with the software program GannTrader 3.0. Much of the course is taken from the GannTrader 3.0 sofware manual.

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Table of Contents:
True Trend Lines
Dimension Lines
The 1 X 1 Angle
Setting the 1X1 Angle
Values for the 1X1 Angle
The Live 1X1 Angle
Mirror Image Foldbacks
Zero Angles
Sizes Labels and Markers
Natural Squares
Temporary Squares Made Permanent
The Squares of Highs and Lows
The 1X1 and the Square’s Size
Modifying an Existing Square
Division of the Range
Price Targets Using Ranges
Price Targets Using & Times the Base
Squaring a Range with the Mouse
Squaring Time with the Mouse
Temporary Squares Made Permanent
Deleting a Square
Square of 9
Square of 9 Natural Cycle of 365.25
The Square of 9 Time Divisions
The Square of 9 Price Divisions
Other Price and Time Divisions
Increment Value
Square of 9 Circle Price Lines
Modifying an Existing Square of 9
Square of 9 from a High or Low
Other Square of 9 Circle Sizes
Time Cycles
What is Astrology
Geocentric Planets
Heliocentric Planets
Planet Angle
Time Cycles as Support and Resistance
Signs of Zodiac
Time Cycles and Measure Transits
Time by Degrees
Averages of the Planets
Latitude and Declination
Parallels and Contra-Parallels
The Third Dimension
Growth of Markets
New Energy Levels
Squaring a Circle
Basic Arcs and Circles
Arcs and Circles to Project Price
Vertical Points in Arcs
Expansion of Arcs and Circles
Square Root Expansions
Inside Radii Contractions
Square Root of 3
Third Dimension Factor
Miscellaneous Expansions
Odd & Even Squares
Odd & Even Square Time Expansions
Fiboancci Expansions
Expanding Square Roots
Diamter Instead of Radius
Modify an Existing Setup
Appendix A
Degree Assignments for Zodiac Signs
Planetary Cycles
Appendix B
Heliocentric Sature
Heliocentric Planets
Important Dates Each Month
Heliocentric and Geocentric Aspects
Geocenric Maps Movement
Soybean Price Resistance Levels
Active Angles and Degrees
24 Revolutions of Time and Price
24 Cent Moves or More
Appendix C
Loading Files
Using Old Paths
Daily File Types
As Day Week Month Quarter Year
Default File Setup
Included in Active Batch
Showing Active Batch
Selecting Active Batches
Viewing Charts
Volume and Open Interest
Geocentric, Earth View
Heliocentric, Sun View
Latitude or Declination
Swing and T/L Indicator
Main Trend Indicator
Square of 9
All Swing Angles
Main Trend Angles
Square of 9
All Swing Angles
Main Trend Angles
Selected Angles
Back 360 High Low Angles
Setting Up Charts
1X1 Angle
Live 1X1 Angle
Planet Angle
Planet Hour
Third Dimension Factor
User Defined Expansion
Swing Charts
Square of 9 Increment Value
Back 360 Angles
Automatic Setups
Square of 9 Setups
Square Setup
Time Cycles
Planets Only
Mercury Aspects
Venus Aspects
Sun / Earth Aspects
Mars Aspects
Jupiter Aspects
Saturn Aspects
Uranus Aspects
Neptune Aspects
Pluto Aspects
Moon Longtitude Apects
Node Aspects
Average of 5
Mean of Five
Aveage of 6
Circle of Eight
Average of 9
Average of Planets
Keeping Planets
Third Dimensions
Turning Off Radii
PT Circles
PT Arcs
Radii Only
Square Root of 2,3,4,5,6 and 7
Squared Circles
Fiboancci Ratios
PI Ratios
Odd and Even Squares
Musical Notes
User Defined Expander
Expanding Rts 2,3,4,5...
Show as Diameter
Square Price Range
Kursor Radius
Marked Point Radius
Both Kursor and Marked Point
Show Inner Radii
Half Points
HL Range
High, Low, Close
Open +High Low and Close
Space Between Bars
Divide Range
7 Times the Base
Auto Center
Scale Screen
Snap to High and Low
Sizes, Labels and Markers
Shade Swings
Close Only
Go to Date, Price, G

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