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Business and Estate Planning: Innovative Techniques for the Business Owners
By: Stanaland, Jd, Chfc, Cpa, Terry

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Item #: 2332905
Minutes: 120
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 1592801188
Type: Audio - CD
Publish Date : 4/1/2004
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When designing an estate plan that addresses the needs of each and every client -- creativity is key. Plans are not "one size fits all." Yet common elements do exist between them. Now, discover innovative ways to approach the planning process as estate planning expert Terry Stanaland walks you through real-case scenarios. Drawing on decades of estate planning experience, Stanaland's high-energy workshop outlines his most successful strategies for structuring goal-driven, fair and equitable estates for all types of clients. Includes inventive new strategies for business and estate planning for owners of closely held businesses.

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Jacket Description:
“Fair is not necessarily equal, and equal is not always fair,” notes estate planning pro Terry Stanaland, when it comes to designing an estate plans that address the needs of each client. Now, join Stanaland, as his entertaining new presentation walks you through the top estate-planning tools and demonstrates how to apply them in every scenario.

Drawing on real-world cases studies, Stanaland explores in detail the wide variety of estate planning techniques available to achieve client goals -- no matter what the particular circumstances. You'll be able to give your clients real value, time after time, as you discover:
- The essentials elements of every estate plan
- The significance of properly titling assets
- The 3 strategic objectives of estate tax planning
- 7 estate reduction techniques
- The importance of having the business appraised

Plus, he covers:
- New concepts and step-by-step methods for including a family business in an estate plan
- And the all-important role of considering fairness and equality along with client goals, when formulating a plan.

Stanaland's decades of hands-on experience and creative strategies provide financial professionals with a rich resource to tap into.

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