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Encyclopedia Of Chart Patterns
By: Bulkowski, Thomas; Bulkowski, Thomas N.

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Item #: 2061622
Pages: 1008
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc
ISBN: 0471668265
Type: Book - Hard Cover
Publish Date : 5/24/2005
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Written by trading and technology expert, Tom Bulkowski, this updated and expanded Second Edition of the successful Enyclopedia of Chart Patterns will include new statistics for both bull and bear markets, as well as 22 new chart patterns, new pictures, a Performance Table for every chapter, and even more statistical samples. The Second Edition will feature 72 chapters in 1,003 pages. The Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns, Second Edition will further solidify the reputation of the First Edition as the leading reference on chart patterns, and it set it far above the competition.

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Table of Contents:


1. Broadening Formations, Right-Angled and Ascending.

2. Broadening Formations, Right-Angled and Descending.

3. Broadening Tops.

4. Broadening Wedges, Ascending.

5. Broadening Wedges, Descending.

6. Bump-and-Run Reversal Bottoms.

7. Bump-and-Run Reversal Tops.

8. Cup-with-Handle.

9. Cup-with-Handle, Inverted.

10. Diamond Bottoms.

11. Diamond Tops.

12. Double Bottoms, Adams & Adam.

13. Double Bottoms, Adams & Eve.

14. Double Bottoms, Eve. & Adam.

15. Double Bottoms, Eve. & Eve.

16. Double Tops, Adam & Adam.

17. Double Tops, Adam & Eve.

18 Double Tops, Eve & Adam

19. Double Tops, Eve & Eve.

20. Flags.

21. Flags, High and Tight.

22. Gaps.

23.Head-and-Shoulders Bottoms.

24. Head-and-Shoulders Bottoms, Complex.

25. Head-and-Shoulders Tops.

26. Head-and-Shoulders Tops, Complex.

27. Horn Bottoms.

28. Horn Tops.

29. Islands Reversals.

30. Islands, Long.

31. Measured Move Down.

32. Measured Move Up.

33. Pennants.

34. Pipe Bottom.

35. Pipe Tops.

36. Rectangles Bottoms.

37. Rectangles Tops.

38. Rounding Bottoms.

39. Rounding Tops.

40. Scallops, Ascending.

41. Scallops, Ascending and Inverted.

42. Scallops, Descending.

43. Scallops, Descending and Inverted.

44. Three Falling Peaks.

45. Three Rising Valleys.

46. Triangles, Ascending.

47. Triangles, Descending.

48. Triangles, Symmetrical.

49. Triple Bottoms.

50. Triple Tops.

51. Wedges, Falling.

52. Wedges, Rising.


53. Dead-Cat Bounce.

54. Dead-Cat Bounce, Inverted.

55. Earnings Surprise, Bad.

56. Earning Surprise, Good.

57. FDA Drug Approvals.

58. Flag, Earnings.

59. Same Store Sales, Bad.

60. Same Store Sales, Good.

61. Stock Downgrade.

62. Stock Upgrade.

Statistics Summary.

Glossary and Methodology.

Index of Chart and hart Patterns.

Subject Index.



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