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How Anyone Can Start Trading Options
By: Headley, Price

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Item #: 19301260
Minutes: 49
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 19301260S1
Type: Video - Streaming
Publish Date : 1/28/2013

Video Sneak Peek

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Jacket Description:
Part 1 of Launch Your Options Income: A Complete Course for Traders of All Levels

Explore the lucrative world of options with How Anyone Can Start Trading Options. Whether you're a new options trader or a seasoned veteran looking to perfect your strategies, Price Headley's brand-new online video gives a thorough and thoughtful introduction to buying and selling the markets' latest addition. Chockfull of invaluable strategies and concepts, Headley presents a wide range of material geared toward guiding new traders and fostering greater profitability in active ones.

Within this video you'll find:
· A systematic explanation of every facet of an option , enabling you to profit up to 52 times a year,
· How different options strategies function—how to go long or go short; how to describe an option—be it ITM, ATM, or OTM; how to distinguish different types of options—American, European, or LEAPS,
· Why Historical Volatility and Implied Volatility have a huge effect on options and how they can help you cash in,
· Different key option indicators like, Delta and Gamma, that will allow you to predict market moves and position yourself to profit heavily,
· …. plus much more.

This comprehensive course comes with an online support manual, a quiz to help test your knowledge, and a cheat sheet to guide you along the presentation. This is as close as one can get to actually having Price come to your house and walk you through his methods!

Want a more in-depth look at options? Consider one of Price's other videos within this course or buy them as a set!

Online Companion manual can be found at

Access your quiz and cheat sheet at

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