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Extreme Profit from Volatility: Exploiting High Frequency Trade Patterns
By: Yu, Jea

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Item #: 19103438
ISBN: 19103438S1
Type: Video - Streaming
Publish Date : 12/7/2012
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Jacket Description:
Spotting just one profitable trade can make your week. Spotting them repeatedly and cashing in can mean you achieve your trading goals sooner. Many traders rely on intuition or luck to make moves that have catastrophic effects on their accounts, but for those who want a more dependable, proven, and scientific method to trade, Extreme Profit from Volatility: Exploiting High Frequency Trade Patterns, reveals how to capitalize on the patterns high frequency trading produces and uses their momentum to increase your gains.
Jea Yus new course on swing trading hands you the patterns and indicators that are working in todays market and are producing reliable returns. Remove the guess work and put proven tactics on your side. In this captivating 3 hour online course, Jea expertly give you the discipline and mental capital required to profit off short-term, fast-paced trades. With his proprietary formulas, Jea divulges his own secrets to identifying breakout opportunities. And as a practical businessman, Jea will teach you how to ride momentum and increase your account or when to cut your losses and move on.
In this comprehensive course youll learn:
Pups, Mini-pups, and Perfect Storms that result in 3Xs or even 4Xs your current gains,
Stocks to watch for breakout moves so that youll profit ahead of everyone else,
Market trends that yield high-profit gains that will skyrocket your account,
Valuable indicator systems to spot trade optimization and have you cash in at the best moments,
Self-discipline and decision-making techniques to conquer high frequency trades and profit generously,
.and much more.
As a long-time trader and founder of one of the foremost trading education websites,, Jea Yu has had the opportunity to share his experience with millions of traders. A frequent lecturer at industry events, Jea has the uncanny ability to command the attention of any audience through his first-hand experiences and clear-cut examples of trading success. Jea specializes in market prediction, making it his personal mission to identify the critical points of entry and exit in any market. He shares his exceptional methods with those interested in profiting in any market, from beginners to advanced professionals.

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