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Global PowerTrend System
By: Hughes, Chuck

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Item #: 19102961
ISBN: 19102961S1
Type: Video - Streaming
Publish Date : 1/20/2009
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Jacket Description:
In today's global economy, trading is more competitive than ever. You can't just focus on one or even a few markets. If you want to compete, you need an edge. Now, Chuck Hughes offers answers, with his highly profitable Global PowerTrend System, or GPS, a trend following system that covers global currencies, commodities, and equities.

The system has been used to produce record profits for Hughes' clients, capitalizing on the increased volatility of today's worldwide markets. Using ETFs to create a diversified global portfolio, GPS only allows trades in the direction of the major trend, which reduces market risk.

Hughes will show you how the Global PowerTrend System:
-Allows you to invest in the global currency, commodity, and equity markets that have the greatest profit potential,
-Allows you to diversify your investments across a wide range of asset classes,
-Allows you to trade from the long or short side, increasing profit opportunities,
-Reduces the market risk of owning individual stocks,
-Can help you achieve a GPS goal of at least a 3 to 1 Profit to Loss Ratio (Our results = 22 to 1 Profit to Loss Ratio).

In short, Hughes will teach you how to trade with the trend, instead of trying to predict the trend. Using his simple, proven system for determining your trades, you'll learn the skills necessary to become a competitive trader in today's global markets.

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