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Unmatched FOREX and Commodity Profits: Using MACD to Make Money
By: Wheatley, Dale

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Item #: 19028354
Minutes: 85
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 19028354S1
Type: Video - Streaming
Publish Date : 11/1/2012
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Over the years, Dale Wheatley's proven MACD divergence method has given him ridiculously huge, consistent profits. And now, he's sharing his secret to trading in his new online video, Unmatched FOREX and Commodity Profits: Using MACD to Make Money! This is a tested, highly accurate, foolproof system that allows traders to accumulate wealth by following the market's trends. Dale fully backs his method and to better showcase his strategies, the very day of the webinar the markets made a 1,000% and he was there to cash in!
Give Dale about an hour of your time and he will present his strategies and know how, so you will be able to profit almost 100% of the time. Dale shows actual stock performances to illustrate how:
· you can make intelligent trades that will give you a 100%, 1,000%, or even 30,000% gain in just ONE DAY,
· exactly the MACD influences price and how you can use this principle to bank huge profits,
· to leverage market moves OVER AND OVER again to accumulate significant earnings,
· to anticipate changes in the market and be PROFITING ahead of the pack,
· tracking currencies and commodities give you a surefire way to gauge the market,
· …and much, much more.
The best thing about Dale's system is that it's so easy, even beginners can master it! In his words, "it's just like picking things up out of a barrel—all you have to do is scoop them up."

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