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The Weekly Options Advantage: Your Secret for Simple High-Profit Trades
By: Hughes, Chuck

This item is currently unavailable from the publisher.
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Jacket Description:
In this brand-new, four-hour course, trading guru Chuck Hughes presents you with a complete road map to trading success using weekly options. From clear-cut methods for finding the best opportunities, to specialized covered call and spread trading techniques, you will discover the unique advantages that weekly options provide savvy traders.
Allowing the trader to start small, weekly options give you 52 opportunities to profit each year along with the ability to generate weekly income, rollover your profits, and compound your returns. Chuck himself is a very active trader, making 30 to 40 trades each week for a cash-on-cash return as high as 94.6 percent resulting from his own risk reduction system, which he reveals to you in this four-hour multimedia presentation.
Combine this two-disc DVD set with the complete online manual to discover:
· Hughes' unique three- step high accuracy trade selection process , including;
o How to use trend following systems to determine the price trend,
o The secret to confirming price trend,
o and how to use the Keltner channels to determine key entry points.
· How to build a “super portfolio” that eliminates the need to follow the Greeks by offsetting any losses by generating time premium.
· How weekly options can make your covered calls even more profitable in a volatile market.
Chuck has been trading options for more than 27 years, and when weeklies started trading, he adapted the strategies that he had been profiting with for more than 20 years so that he could pull even more money out of the market using these unique trading tools. Throughout his presentation, Chuck shares tons of his own real “no-fudge” examples with you to clearly illustrate how and why weekly options work so well in volatile market environments.
So don't wait—pop “The Weekly Options Advantage” in now to start learning how to trade weekly options like a pro!

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