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Trade Like a Hedge Fund : 20 Successful Uncorrelated Strategies & Techniques to Winning Profits
By: Altucher, James; Altucher,

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Item #: 1691027
Pages: 224
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471484857
Type: Book - Hard Cover
Publish Date : 4/22/2004
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Learn the successful strategies behind hedge fund investing

Hedge funds and hedge fund trading strategies have long been popular in the financial community because of their flexibility, aggressiveness, and creativity. Trade Like a Hedge Fund capitalizes on this phenomenon and builds on it by bringing fresh and practical ideas to the trading table. This book shares 20 uncorrelated trading strategies and techniques that will enable readers to trade and invest like never before.

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Jacket Description:
High-performing and highly leveraged, hedge funds are among today’s most talked-about subjects in the world of investing. But it’s not the hedge fund managers doing the talking. These secretive financial pros, while relentlessly pursuing every possible angle to provide their clients with far-better-than-average returns, are just as relentless in revealing as little as possible about the techniques they use to achieve those returns.
Trade Like a Hedge Fund changes all that. Written by hedge fund manager James Altucher, this technique-heavy introduction to the day-in, day-out world of hedge fund trading explores twenty trading systems, strategies, and techniques that active traders can use to uncover hidden pockets of inefficiency in any market. Altucher is well known to hedge fund managers and other market professionals for his regular contributions to, and he wastes no time in getting right to the bread-and-butter trading strategies that form the foundation of today’s well-documented hedge fund successes.
Learn the tips and techniques that allow fund managers and frontline traders to:
Identify stocks that are gapping up or down, then trade those with the greatest short-term likelihood of filling that gap
Intraday trade the NYSE tick indicator—perhaps the purest indicator of investor sentiment at any given second
Provide impressive short-term trading profits using an innovative Bollinger Band—based trading system
Buy a portfolio of less-than-five-dollar stocks—and average over 100 percent annual return
Follow the low-profile movements of fixed-income investors for valuable clues to equity market direction
Profit from playing stocks on the verge of being deleted—not added, but deleted—from major indices
Profit from trading against common market fallacies that continually win praise even as they are continually proven wrong
Despite evidence to the contrary, hedge fund managers and traders are not magicians. But they are distinctive and savvy traders who—as opposed to staid, rules-driven mutual fund or portfolio managers—enjoy the freedom to employ virtually any strategy in search of trading profits for their high-wealth clients. Let Trade Like a Hedge Fund give you a rare first-person look inside the world of the hedge fund manager, and introduce you to numerous hedge-fund techniques and tactics that you can seamlessly—and profitably—integrate into your own trading program.

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Table of Contents:
Technique 1 The Bread and Butter Trade - Playing Gaps 1
Technique 2 How to Play the QQQ-SPY Spread Using Unilateral Pairs Trading 23
Technique 3 Buying Bankruptcies 49
Technique 4 Using the TICK 55
Technique 5 Playing the Bands 67
Technique 6 Stocks Less Than $5 77
Technique 7 The Slow Turtle 83
Technique 8 The QQQ Crash System 97
Technique 9 The Relative Fed Model (and Other Fun Things You Can Do with Yields) 111
Technique 10 Deletions from the Indexes 119
Technique 11 Everything You Wanted to Know About the 200-Day Moving Average but Were Afraid to Ask 133
Technique 12 End of Quarter, End of Month, Outside Month 141
Technique 13 Ten Percent Down - Panic 101 147
Technique 14 Taking Advantage of Option Expiration Day 155
Technique 15 Extreme Convertible Arbitrage 163
Technique 16 Intraday Bollinger Bands 169
Technique 17 All Good Things Come in Fours ("4" Is a Magic Number) 179
Technique 18 The Wednesday Reversal 189
Technique 19 What Does Not Work? 205
Technique 20 Reading List 211
Index 221

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