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A 4-Step System for Screening the Markets: Integrating Technical Timing with Fundamental Indicators for Superior Stock Selection (DVD)
By: Gerstein, Marc

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Item #: 1678063
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 1592800807
Type: Video - DVD
Publish Date : 8/1/2003
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Discover how you too can uncover hot stocks - stocks that aren't even on your radar, as Marc Gerstein outlines his four-step approach to investment profit. This informative and highly instructional tape illustrates how you can combine fundamental and technical analysis to generate results far better than either methodology can produce on its own. You'll not only discover exactly how to screen the market for winning stocks but more importantly, how to screen for stocks that are right for you. A definite don't miss course for the serious investor looking to boost returns!

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Jacket Description:
Discover a four-step method to find, analyze, buy, and, sell the right stocks - at just the right time. Respected analyst and author of The Value Connection Marc Gerstein has taken the uncertain art of selecting stocks - and turned it into a “screen based science.” Whether you're a short-term trader or longer-focused investor, Marc's “Screens” provide an objective process for unveiling stocks you need to consider right now. Not because they're in the news or tipped off by a friend - but because they're right for you.

Join Marc as he shows how his well-defined method often uncovers hot stocks that are not on your radar - even stocks you've never heard of before. By using his unique “screening” process that relies on the interplay of technical and fundamental factors - these stocks become huge home runs - and the return differentials will amaze you.

Amazement turns into excitement as Gerstein explains exactly how you can screen the Market to find similar winning stocks for your own trading program. You'll discover:

· How good fundamentals create a “safety net” for technical traders
· The 5 fundamental screens that lead to consistent success
· The counter-trend screen: Playing the Market's “rebels”
· The “footsteps of success” - sure signs a company is poised to outperform the Market.
· Screening for sentiment indicators - the key to selling short, and so much more!

Follow along as you master Marc's 4-step approach to investment profit by integrating technical timing and fundamental indicators for superior portfolio performance.
Comprehensive, online support material is available at:

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