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Swing Trading Essentials with Jon Markman (DVD)
By: Markman, Jon D.

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Item #: 1674562
Publisher: Marketplace Books
ISBN: 1592800955
Type: Video - DVD
Publish Date : 8/1/2003
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Master the latest techniques and newest methods for reaping even bigger profits by Swing Trading, direct from the bestselling author of "Swing Trading and CNBC/MSN Money columnist. Swing Trading - or buying stocks for holding periods of a week to 6 months - is fast becoming the new trading paradigm. Now, this well known expert will guide your through his personal and proven secrets for swing trading success - in the comfort of your own home. Buy Both - and SAVE: Swing Trading book & Swing Trading Essentials

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Jacket Description:
Discover powerful new techniques in swing trading that are sure to improve your trading experience - and your trading profits. Let the CNBC/MSN Money columnist and best-selling author of Swing Trading guide you seamlessly through his personal and proven secrets for swing trading success.

Swing traders tend to do their best when they have a clear “campaign” that can identify major and intermediate trends, unearth strong and weak market sectors and concentrate on the most volatile stocks. Now, learn to build a campaign and spot the perfect “swing period” for your trades using the same “campaign tools” Markman employs regularly.

Markman's “campaign rule book” reveals the essential elements needed to craft programs that consistently enhance your advantage and increase your rewards. Step-by-step Jon explains how to:

· Develop a “campaign” for making precise buy/sell decisions.
· Select volatile stocks for profits in reversal and continuation patterns.
· Devise strategies using fundamental and technical analysis.
· Gauge the “mood of the market” with 3 key checklists.
· Make the most of his own favorite technical tools for swing trading - and more!

Includes a full online support manual - packed with additional resources and tools -available at:

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