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Market Evaluation and Analysis for Swing Trading 1st Edition
By: Lupien, William; Nassar, David S.

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Nassar and Lupien, two of the industry's most influential traders, share with readers their techniques and strategies for successful swing trading in today's market. You'll learn how to work the market to your advantage by recognizing supply and demand imbalances, reading the strength of bids and offers, and spotting market maker trading patterns. This "must-have" guide is an essential resource for every swing trader.

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Jacket Description:
Strategies for grabbing in-and-out trading profits in fast-changing markets
Bill Lupien and David Nassar are two of today's most influential, respected voices for traders seeking profitable trading techniques without the hype. Market Evaluation and Analysis for Swing Trading focuses their combined expertise and name recognition on the swing trading skills, techniques, and mind-sets that seasoned pros have used for years to work markets to their own advantage.
Lupien and Nassar explain and reinforce ideas and strategies that work today and should continue to yield strong results well into the future. Areas covered include:
Methods for reading the strength of bids and offers
Strategies for recognizing supply/demand imbalances
Ways to spot, and profit from, market maker trading patterns

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BOOK REVIEW by Jaye Abbate, Traders' Library

The short-term markets are where most of the action is these days - and where most of the significant profits are being found by smart, savvy investors. But - it takes special skills to navigate this territory effectively. Now, short-term trading pioneer and Wall St Journal best selling author David S. Nassar's excellent new release can help even the most experienced market player trade the shorter-term markets for maximum gain.

As Swing Trading continues to grow in popularity, the need for proven new strategies for success also increases. In his recent release, Market Evaluation & Analysis of Swing Trading, Nassar guides you step-by-step into the fast-paced world of Swing Trading, where you'll learn to put theory into practice using real-world examples and David's personal playbook. With a focus on both the technical and psychological disciplines needed for Swing Trading, he also highlights:
- Methods for reading the strength of bids and offers
- Strategies for recognizing supply/demand imbalances
- And ways to spot and profit from, market maker trading patterns.

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